Don’t Give in to Pride (Bible Journal)

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2 Chronicles 26:15-17

15 In Jerusalem, he positioned catapults to shoot arrows and great stones, a new invention by ingenious men, in the towers and on the corners of the city wall. Because of his impressive army, many of the surrounding nations knew about Uzziah and how God helped him win battles.

16 But when Uzziah had built his army and he no longer thought he needed God’s help in battles, he became prideful and corrupt. He was unfaithful to the Eternal One, his True God, entering the Eternal’s temple to burn incense on the altar.


When times are good, it’s tempting to not prioritize our communication with God.

We naturally go to Him in times of need or struggle. We can become prideful thinking WE have it under control when, in all reality, it is by the hand of God that we are in a time of joy.

Keep in the forefront of our minds to speak with God daily…in good times AND in bad! Give credit to the one who deserves it.


9 thoughts on “Don’t Give in to Pride (Bible Journal)

  1. It is sooo easy to become prideful. We often forget it is not all us who makes things happen, it wouldn’t have happened if God did not allow it. Thanks for the reminder and thank you God for the miracle of your creations.

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  2. Pride comes before a fall! Also, I was just talking to my boss about speaking to and praising God in good and bad times. Thanks for sharing!


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