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Freedom Isn’t Free…Just Ask My Daddy

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Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge: History

We just celebrated Independence Day earlier this week.

I remember studying American History¬†when I was younger and how much I hated having to memorize lists and lists of these important dates that shaped my country. There were so many dates to remember, that I pretty much gave up on remembering the meaning behind the dates and focused on the numbers and titles assigned for each historical event so I’d get a good grade on the test. It worked as I always received good grades. But, sadly to this day, I don’t know much about our history which is a total shame. I find myself going back and reading books about certain subjects now as an adult and it has so much more meaning than it did back then.

When I think of American History, I can’t help but think how much my thoughts of it has changed since I became a military wife.

These dates that I had studied in school and saw as a “required list” have become actual events. Things men and women (like my active duty husband) really experienced. These events are no longer just a blur of dates but have become clear and fascinating.

I don’t know exactly how many holidays or birthday’s we’ve celebrated with my husband deployed. But, the toughest of them all is, by far, the 4th of July. It’s a holiday devoted to our country’s freedom and those fighting to protect it. Hearing patriotic songs play while watching the symbolic fireworks leaves me with tears in my eyes year after year.

We are living the history which will be written in our future History books.

Now as I read about historical events, I think of the families involved. The little boys and girls who were left behind while their daddy fought in a war. The mommy who sat nervously every night praying for the safety of her husband…the exact things I experience right now. We have more in common than I thought which adds so much more meaning to the “dates” I studied in school.¬†

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So, as you think of the word “History,” please say a little prayer for the families (both military and civilian) behind the dates in the History books. These dates and events are so much more than I thought they were as a child.

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7 thoughts on “Freedom Isn’t Free…Just Ask My Daddy

  1. Lacy, thank you for sharing this personal view of history up close, as you are very right in that your family, and particularly your husband, are living what will once be in those history books.

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