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Mom Life: A Trip to the Children’s Museum

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Nothing quite says “mom life” like a trip to the Children’s Museum! As I walked around and saw that I was in a sea of under 7 year olds, I realized I had chosen the perfect shirt for the day! If you remember my post:ย Summer Bucket Listsโ€ฆand Still Time For God, you know that BOTH kids wanted to visit the Children’s Museum before school started up again. So….check! We did it!

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Ever since my son was little, we have always really enjoyed going to Children’s Museums. Some parents cringe at the thought but I love it. I save that cringing feeling for Chuck E. Cheese! ha There is just something about the Children’s Museum that makes me smile. I think it’s seeing all of those happy kids engaging in creative play that does it.ย 

I mean, where else can you go from being a fire fighter to a mailman, to an animal doctor all in 2 hours?

The variety in these places just blows my mind! The creativity involved in the design is excellent. And, do I need to even mention the way they can keep it organized? I mean, I have 2 kids that tear up my house. How do they keep such a large place with a 100 kids actively playing so organized? I think it’s pixie dust or something. They have to own some secret weapon they don’t tell us moms about. They really should share the secret!

I also find the variety from state to state fascinating!

In Washington state, the children’s museum had a Ferry Boat which was a replica of the actual Ferry Boat which commuted from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.


In Nebraska, there was a fun Husker area where the kids could play football, baseball and volleyball. The area that made me smile most, was the corn field and harvesting play area. Kids really do want to be like their mommas and daddy’s don’t they?

In South Carolina, the kid’s museum had a huge water play section where you could drive your boats through the Charleston Harbor past several local sites.

Here in Hawaii…amongst other things, we have a pineapple picking area! ha

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I just love to see their imaginations go wild!

My kids are old enough now, that I could just turn them loose and let them play. I always bring a book planning to do just that. However, I always find myself with a sore throat that needs fixed…


And, being the Hawaii Five-O fan that I am, who can resist playing police officer? ha


These days of my kids wanting to play with me are limited.

I don’t want to look back with regrets.

I want to savor these moments!

I want them to share these fun memories with me.

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Do your kids enjoy the children’s museum? What is their favorite spot to play? Do you find yourself dressed up in silly costumes too? I’d love to see it!


With Aloha,


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25 thoughts on “Mom Life: A Trip to the Children’s Museum

  1. I love the part of your post…” I want them to remember me playing with them. Not just me watching them play”. That’s my goal in my kids childhood. I don’t want them to remember us sitting on the couch watching TV or on our phones but interacting with them and being intentional.
    I love your posts!

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    1. Thank you! I really wanted to highlight that part! I’m glad it spoke to you. Some days, I find myself caught up doing “my own thing” and before I know it…the hours pass by. I’m trying to be more mindful about it and place them FIRST and then the rest of my time can be for other things. It was a good reminder for me while I wrote!

      Thanks for your comment…it means a lot to me!

      Comments always make blogging more fun because that is where the real interaction comes!


      1. My motto this year is “say no to no”. It’s so easy to say no to them but why do we always say no… I think we can say yes a lot more.
        Lily always asked to cook her own creation along side me at dinner and I’d always say no because it was messy and she’d waste stuff but then I realized how petty I was being over her mixing water, a few seasons, and a some sprinkles or food coloring. She gets the measuring cups and everything. She loves it an it’s fun to be I’m the kitchen with her and so what if she makes a little mess.
        They will remember how present we are in their lives. My husband and I compare our childhoods while trying to decide how we want to parent our kids. It’s helpful that we came from completely different situations so we know how each situation weighs on is now as adults.

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      1. There’s a section called Little Town. They have the typical post office and grocery store set up. But they also have a plane, a construction site, a food truck, and a bunch of other little sections. It’s pretty cool

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