The Home of a Hawaiian King in 1845

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Kaniakapupu “Singing of the land shells”

Finding this place which was once Inhabited by the ancient Hawaiian King Kamehameha III and his Queen Kalama in 1845 was pretty surreal.

What an honor to be able to explore the ruins of this home.

We took a moment to learn about the history of these Dignified royals.

This structure was built in 1845 as a refuge from the heat for King Kamehameha III. At one time, it was said to have housed a celebration luau with 10,000 guests. As I walked these sacred grounds, my mind drifted back to those days. It’s hard to imagine so many people being in such a quiet, peaceful place tucked back in this bamboo forest.

To say incredible, doesn’t quite sum up how it felt.

If seeing the following pictures sparks your interest, here is a link I found with incredible detail of this location! http://www.pacificworlds.com/nuuanu/native/native5.cfm

ruins 6

ruins 3

ruins 2

ruins 4

ruins 5

ruins 1

Always remember who came before you.

Show respect and take time to learn the culture of where you are.

The Home of a Hawaiian King in 1845

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