Our Adventure to Hawaii’s Abandoned Omega Station

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One of my favorite things to do here on the island of Oahu, is to get out and explore. I love to gather up my girlfriends and head out to find new places.

One place that will always stand out as a favorite of mine is the abandoned Omega Station.

Before we headed out, I wanted to know a little history of the building we were seeking out.

The OMEGA radio navigation system, developed by the United States Navy for military aviation users, was approved for full implementation in 1968. When the eight station chain became operational, day-to-day operations were managed by the United States Coast Guard in partnership with Argentina, Norway, Liberia, France, Japan and Australia. Coast Guard personnel operated two US stations – one in LaMoure, North Dakota and the other in Haiku, Hawaii. The Omega Station went through a decommissioning ceremony and shut down 30 September 1997.


I couldn’t find too much information. However, I did share a bit of the history of the Omega Station in this post: Pearl Harbor: The Attack Still Impacting Hawaii

Sadly, this structure has become very vandalized with graffiti. Also, this is located on the Windward side of the island which is very rainy so the elements have played a big part in its deterioration as well. But, none of this could put a damper on our fun.

I kept my Little Ladybug snug on my back in the Kinderpack carrier for the most part for safety reasons. I didn’t want her to pick up something or trip and fall over a piece of broken wall. She had a blast. As we walked around, she kept calling it a haunted house. I’m not going to lie…it WAS pretty spooky! I’m glad I was there with friends and in the daylight (even though some areas were pitch black!) We walked from level to level and investigated each room along the way.

It’s pretty amazing to try to imagine this building at its prime. Back when it was used for such an important task each day.

Now, here it sits. A hidden little diamond in the rough…or perhaps it’s the opposite-a little bit of “rough” within the diamond I find Hawaii to be.

Here are some pictures of our adventure:

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I call this the Backstreet Girls (we look like a boy band ha!)
Even with such a worn out building being our focus, the view was just spectacular!

Taking the time to hike to this building was very much worth it! We never knew what would be around the corner which made it very thrilling!

I can’t wait to see what we can find next! The adventure is waiting!!!

Our Adventure to Hawaii's Abandoned

With Aloha,


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8 thoughts on “Our Adventure to Hawaii’s Abandoned Omega Station

  1. I was doing some research on the old Omega system and stumbled across your site. I grew up there and was able to tour the site a couple of times when it was still in use. Won’t bother your readers with the technical stuff but two bits of site trivia you may find interesting: This particular duty assignment was a closely guarded secret “dream station” by the USCG. The folks assigned there understandably believed they had been stationed in an awesome place with a cool job where no one bothered them. Second, in the last three decades, the site was popular for movie and television films. Here’s a photo of the interior from the original Magnum PI circa 1982 http://magnum-mania.com/images/1_17_x_full.jpg

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