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The Banyan Tree (photo challenge)

I'm part of Post A Day 2016

Photo Challenge: Structure

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The structure of the banyan tree has had me in awe for years upon moving to Hawaii.

I still am so amazed by this tree.

Are they branches, roots, octopus legs?

After being surrounded by these amazing trees for the past few years, I finally had to look into what exactly structures it.

Here is what I found:

Banyan Tree Information

banyan diagram

The banyan tree produces seeds which are dispersed by birds and germinated by fig wasps. When these seeds land on the branches of a banyan tree, it grows roots downward. These prop roots can grow to be as large as the original trunk which makes it difficult to distinguish which is which!

So, to answer my question, there is a center trunk surrounded by aerial roots dangling from the tree. Once it hits the ground and below, it becomes a prop root mimicking the trunk.

I’m glad to know…they just look like an octopus and that it has not been overtaken by one! haha

The Banyan Tree.png

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