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Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time: Christmas Lights, S’Mores, Scavenger Hunt & Live Nativity

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Simply Having a

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is drive around and look at Christmas lights.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by them! I remember my dad grabbing the ladder and crawling on the roof to put up lights and how proud it made me feel!

I make a point of taking the long way home a few times during the month of December so we can drive around a bit longer and see the lights in our neighborhood. The kids and I used to always make some hot cocoa (my recipe) and take it with us. Since we moved to Hawaii, hot cocoa isn’t quite as necessary so we opt for chocolate ice cream cones! ha

Since we moved to Hawaii, we also ALWAYS go out to Waikele to see the block that was featured on the Christmas light competition show: The Great American Light Fight!

Here is a great video I found to give you a little tour:

One of my favorite additions they made this year was a real fish tank!

To add to the fun, this year, I made a Christmas light scavenger hunt for us to do while we look at the lights! 

We had to find things like:-the word joy-red twinkle lights-penguin-nativity-reindeer It was a great little game! 

Full disclaimer: my own personal lights are a bit meager this year. But, I’m learning the simplicity at my own home gives me more time to enjoy nights like this where we can go look at the lights (and I don’t even have to pack and store all of those decorations! ha)

We also went to a Live Nativity the other night out on a local farm.

It was pretty touching to see Mary and Joseph arriving by donkey walking through the field to reach the barn. I always try to find a live nativity like this wherever we move to. This time, they made it into a play. It was special and always helps me remember the significance of that night.


Afterwards, we roasted marshmallows for s’mores and enjoyed some hot cocoa.


Before we left, we had to go down to the barn and meet some of the “cast.”


What are some of your favorite things to do for fun during the holidays?

Simply Having a

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16 thoughts on “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time: Christmas Lights, S’Mores, Scavenger Hunt & Live Nativity

    1. It is just incredible to see how the entire block is synchronized together! I think it’s easier to go all out with lights here where the temperature is nice. I remember my dad doing it in the freezing snow…not quite the same 😉
      Sometimes, I have to laugh at ya when we are walking around in slippahs celebrating Christmas. But, I’ll be honest…I love it even more!


  1. I love Christmas lights! Makes everything look so festive! Where I lived as a kid there was this cool house that would have so many lights and decorations! It was awesome! I always looked forward to seeing that house!

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    1. That sounds so neat! We had a family in my home town that had so many lights there would be a huge line to even get into their neighborhood. They decorated the INSIDE of their house too. They would let the community tour their home to see it even. Eventually, it got to be so big, they had to move it out to the community college campus so it wouldn’t disrupt the neighborhood so much. They had full size moving mannequins and everything! That sounds kinda creepy now that I think of it as an adult! ha But, as a kid it was so magical!

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