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Magic Oils: My 1st Experience with Essential Oils

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Magical Oils

Do you use essential oils?

I’ll tell you what! My Little Ladybug was complaining about ear pain today and I didn’t have anything to help her. I felt awful. Apparently, the other day when we grabbed replacement children’s medicines, I grabbed 2 “cold and coughs” instead of a pain reliever.

I decided it was time for Dr Google to come to my rescue.

One of the methods for curing ear pain included essential oils.

I just so happened to have some tea tree oil which is what it asked for. So, I gave it a chance.

After about an hour of screaming in pain before I applied the oils, she was all better! I couldn’t believe it! Now, she calls it my magic medicine!

It’s gotten me more curious about them. I feel good knowing that I didn’t give her any medication but rather a natural remedy.

And, I’m very impressed at how well it worked!

I’ve used a few oils in a diffuser before basically to help me tame down my Scentsy addiction. But, I’ve never used them with an actual goal in mind like I did today.

I’m excited to try some more! I know it’s something I will be looking closer into that’s for sure!

If you use oils, what are your favorite oil uses?

**no I don’t sell oils. I’m just fascinated at how quickly it worked and wanted to share my excitement with you!

Magical Oils

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22 thoughts on “Magic Oils: My 1st Experience with Essential Oils

  1. I’ve been using oils for more than 20 years. I worked in a hippie shop in college, lol. I always keep tea tree in my cabinet, along with lavender. But for ear trouble, I use Wally’s Ear Oil. It’s all natural and organic and worked wonders when my son was a baby 🙂

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  2. Eucalyptus Oil is great for cleaning. It gets the left over residues of sticky tape and glues off easily. Tea Tree oil for removing ticks and on stings. 2 great products that originated in Australia.

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  3. Lavender, Myrrh, Frankincense, Patchouli, Sandalwood all have awesome healing qualities to name a few, and I also have a diffuser I use everyday. I just wrote a post on a overview of benefits you might like that goes more into detail if you’d like to check it out. Glad Tea Tree helped your little one, those earaches are painful! I use a mix of tea tree/grapeseed oil for the same thing.

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  4. Lavender, yalang yalang, sandlewood, and Rosemary are my go too lately. I started using them to help my anxiety and have so many great uses. I even but Rosemary in my Shampoo to help acheve that heathly hair we all want. I also just wrote a blog post on the use of essential oils.

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