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From Hawaii to Nebraska: Adjusting to the Cold Weather

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Well, I must confess, I came to Nebraska for Christmas with a hidden agenda:

to see how I respond to cold weather again.

My husband retires from the Navy in a few years and we are talking more seriously about where we want to settle down for our “forever home.”

We both LOVE the idea of living closer to family by settling down in Omaha, Nebraska. However, neither of us are too excited about returning to cold, snowy weather for half of the year.


So, as I packed the kids and I up for our Christmas in Nebraska, I had “forever” in the back of my mind. The kids and I had a great time buying “winter clothes.” We no-joke had to buy us actual “shoes” rather than our “slippahs” aka flip-flops. We also had to buy pants. Believe it or not, Ladybug put her pants on and laughed INSISTING her shorts were just too long! Oh, boy!

This was when I knew it was going to be a fun trip with them! haha

Since we have arrived in Nebraska, we’ve been blessed with temperatures above 0 which we have appreciated. However, if I’m honest, it ALL feels cold to me! I have forbidden myself from looking up the current temperatures back home in Hawaii and comparing.


The kids have enjoyed playing outside in the snow with their Aunt and Papa. I on the other hand….have enjoyed watching them play from the sun room with my cup of hot cocoa.


We’ve been here in Nebraska for a few days now. I have to admit, the cold weather hasn’t been as bad as I remember it being growing up. I DESPISED it! Some people really love and enjoy the colder weather. I’ve never been one of those people. I’ve worried that feeling would be even stronger after living away from it for so long and growing to love the nice weather year round.

But, I really enjoyed our Christmas at my parents cabin and watching the snow fall. I’ve enjoyed the coziness of my mom’s house, sitting by the fireplace snuggled up to watch a movie.

The cold weather is definitely not my thing. I would much rather be out hiking or enjoying the beach. But, having this time with my family makes the cold toes and drippy noses worth it. I miss them so much throughout the year. We look forward to these moments we can come visit-snow or not. 

I realize that it is in these special but rare moments when we are all together, that we are making memories we will cherish forever. After losing my father in-law recently it’s made me look at this family time with fresh eyes. It has reminded me how fragile life is and to not take for granted any time we get together.

We have another week or so here before we go back home…maybe this Hawaii loving girl can adjust to the cold better than I thought she could?!?!


With Aloha,


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24 thoughts on “From Hawaii to Nebraska: Adjusting to the Cold Weather

  1. My husband is in Seattle (where they had a white Christmas for a change), our daughter is in Toronto with her boyfriend where it is 4F and my son and I are in Tucson where it is 80F today. I am very happy to be here, rock climbing and running in the warm weather 😊 Good luck on your quest to find your cold weather answers! 💕

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    1. Well look who’s back!!!! I’ve missed you!

      It’s actually been about 29 below zero windchill a good chunk of the time we’ve been here 😱 I thought I drank too much coffee in Hawaii…But, I’ve been drinking hot coffee non-stop since we got here just to keep warm! Yikes!

      I think Hawaii looks pretty good too!

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