Finding Solace: Aiea Loop Trail (Oahu, Hawaii)

Finding Solace at the (1)

Today, I went hiking for the first time in way too long.

If you know me, I love to hike and typically hike at least once a week. For a while there, I was doing at least 2 hikes a week even! Unfortunately, the holidays, the rain and deployment have all kept me out of my beloved mountains longer than I would like to admit!

Luckily, today I had a rare morning free and was able to lead a keiki (children) hike at the Aiea Loop Trail. I felt like a new hiker again. All of the sensations that I had begun to take for granted, all felt fresh and new again. And, yet the moment I stepped foot on that root covered trail, I felt at home again.

I felt at peace.

I felt…like anything I had on my mind could just vanish for the moment and I could just be.

The sweet scent of Plumeria combined with the salty air intoxicated me instantly.

There is nothing quite like the smell of the Hawaiian forests after a good rain! I was in heaven once again!

I was reminded…

to the place where I belong.png

The Aiea Loop Trail is actually roughly 5 miles. This trail runs along the west side of Halawa Valley and provides views of the southern coastline of O‘ahu from Pearl Harbor and the Wai‘anae Mountain Range to Honolulu. 

However, today’s hike wasn’t about the distance. Today’s hike wasn’t about accomplishing the trail (we only did part of it). Today, wasn’t even about the views. Today was about slowing down long enough to embrace the beauty surrounding me. Today was about valuing myself enough to MAKE that time to spend a little time doing what I love!

So, before I share some pictures of this beautiful trail, I want to encourage you to take a minute to think of where your “happy place” is. Mine is a toss-up between the beach and these phenomenal hiking trails here in Hawaii. How about you? Maybe you have a few places too!

Aiea Loop Trail.jpg

With Aloha,



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13 thoughts on “Finding Solace: Aiea Loop Trail (Oahu, Hawaii)

  1. This is awesome, just thinking of reading another blog randomly picked this, was just thinking how Hawaii and hiking was my Happy Place, there is no place I’d rather be, and what do you know you talk about finding your Happy place…

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    1. It’s so true. I’ve found so much peace and happiness here. As you know, I don’t take a single day of this for granted. I start each morning prayer with “Thank you, God for blessing with this island as my home!” I’m happy you were able to come experience it as well. Hawaii changes a person big time!

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