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This Busy Season

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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had a spare moment to get on and blog (sorry to leave you hanging for so long!)

As you know, my husband recently returned from deployment. It’s been a pretty eventful transition home! We found out we received orders to stay living in Hawaii for the next 4 years!


This meant we were ready to commit to buying a home here in Hawaii.

To say the housing market in Hawaii is a completely different experience than buying on the mainland is an understatement! It is EXTREMELY competitive (and prices are double–actually triple what it is on the mainland!)


Once we got past the sticker shock, we spent several weekends visiting open houses and hours upon hours of looking at listings from our realtor. Eventually, we found our perfect home…well, 3 for that matter! We struck out twice and finally now are in escrow for a beautiful home close to the beach!

Oh, and since we like to stay busy, we are also leaving for a trip to the mainland TODAY!


My step-son graduates high school and we are going to spend a few days with him in Orlando. The inner “Little Mermaid” lover in me is more excited about a day at Disney than the kids I think! Their excitement is stuck on Legoland! They are Lego maniacs–like their daddy! We could’ve spent the entire time at Legoland and they’d be in heaven!

After a few days in Orlando, we will spend 2 weeks in Nebraska for my sister’s wedding!!! I’m so excited about this!


We will fly back to Hawaii the morning after the wedding (hubby has to report back to the Submarine the next day!)

A day later, we have our final walk through on the new house and we close about 4 days later!

Pfew!!!! Oh, and it gets better!

Just when we think that’s the end of the busy story, we are having company visit us for a week a few days after we close on the new house! We joke that we have a tradition of family visiting us in the middle of a move! The last time, they came to visit us and came before we received our household goods! We all went “camping” in our new home because we didn’t have any of our furniture yet!


It was one of those trips we still laugh about! We will get some moving done before they come. But, I’m afraid half of our stuff will be in one house and half in the other house! We will just get to take a break and enjoy some much-welcomed beach days and finish after they head back to Texas.


As stressful as this all seems, I feel so blessed!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen my entire family all in the same month before (besides our wedding)! And, the fact that we live in 4 different states and one of those is an ocean away, this is pretty special!

Sigh…wow! I’m exhausted just writing that all out! That doesn’t even include the regular “mom” duties” which include preschool graduation, award ceremonies, end of the school programs…I’m definitely earning that Mother of the Year award I received! Some days, I question it. But, not lately lol!

I’m sitting here surrounded by moving boxes, luggage, backpacks full of end of the school year supplies, and an empty refrigerator (hey! I hate to waste food so we come up with some of the craziest food combinations to clear it all out before we move and/or travel)!


I’m ready to board that plane tonight. Grab some earplugs, a glass of wine and a book and just relax!

You may not hear from me for a bit until I get settled.

But, rest assured…I’ll be back soon and have looooooooots to share!

It’s in these stressful seasons that we grow the most. I’m excited, not only for each of these special events, but to see how God uses them to make me grow as a person!

Don’t worry…if you start to miss me, you can find me on Instagram!

I’ll be posting pictures from each of these adventures! Stay tuned!

Instagram: TheAdventuresOfABusyMom

With Aloha!



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