A Trip to the Coffee Farm

Trekking Thursday To feed off of yesterday's post: Coffee: The Good, The Bad…The Ugly, this weeks Trekking Thursday is about a little coffee shop I love to visit located on the Green World Coffee Farm. Although this isn't a "hike," believe it or not, I do "trek" around the island off of the trails too! ha This… Continue reading A Trip to the Coffee Farm

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Coffee: The Good, The Bad…The Ugly

Wellness Wednesday Recently, it has been drawn to my attention...I drink too much coffee. (Is that even possible?) Do you want to know HOW  was told I drink too much coffee?We were walking through Costco, and I say to my daughter, "ooh, I almost forgot to grab more coffee! I'm just about out." At this… Continue reading Coffee: The Good, The Bad…The Ugly

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The Unexpected Morning Visitor

Photo Challenge Dutch goes the photo challenge-bird Daily word prompt: risk Carefully, I chose a bird feeder With it, a bag of seed claiming to attract exotic birds I set it up... Waited patiently...   Will this be worth the risk? And, then... It happened! The "exotic bird" had arrived! It was huge, it was… Continue reading The Unexpected Morning Visitor


Burrito Jar (easy meal prep idea)

Tasty Tuesday Burrito Jar Ingredients: 1c salsa 1 can black beans (drained and rinsed) 1c shredded cheddar cheese 1/2c greek yogurt Instructions: Divide evenly among 4 1/2pint canning jars in this order: 1/4c salsa 1/4c black beans 1/4c cheese 2tbs greek yogurt Eat directly from the jar! ***This recipe makes 4 servings. These are perfect… Continue reading Burrito Jar (easy meal prep idea)

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DIY Book Pumpkins

Make it Monday Before we moved to Hawaii, we lived in Florida where I worked at a University Library. I took it upon myself to put my creativeness to work and always enjoyed making our check out desk look inviting. During fall, we were doing a weeding project (getting rid of several reference books and… Continue reading DIY Book Pumpkins

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Sand (Photo Challenge)

Photo Challenge Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge: Sand The best way to end a busy day... is at the beach surrounded by sand, surf and sunshine! **Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@theadventuresofabusymom) to see more of my day to day adventures! With Aloha, Lacy Featured Blog Posts: Is It Possible to be a… Continue reading Sand (Photo Challenge)

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How I Use The Power of Music to Maintain A Happy Home

Family Friday Music... Driving from our house to Waikiki today, the radio turns on to the mashup of 10,000 Reasons//What a Beautiful Name. Instantly, my kids (5 & 7) start singing along. It was so sweet to hear their little voices singing along word for word. I couldn't help but smile as I watched them… Continue reading How I Use The Power of Music to Maintain A Happy Home


Lilikoi Junction

Trekking Thursday You guys!!!! I just had the most amazing hike! The kids hiking group I volunteer with did a hike with its leaders today to Lilikoi Junction. This 4 mile hike was such a hidden little gem I had no clue existed. If you read my post Pu’u O Mahuka Heiau: A Beautiful Hike to… Continue reading Lilikoi Junction

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Is It Possible to be a “Foodie” and Still be Healthy?

Wellness Wednesday Foodie: a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger. Foodie.Yep, that pretty much describes me to a T! My husband once made the life-threatening mistake of saying to my face, "you… Continue reading Is It Possible to be a “Foodie” and Still be Healthy?

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DIY Wine Cork Tray

Make it Monday Happy Monday, friends! The weekend is officially over (boo!!!!) Did you host a girls night? Maybe you had a bridal shower or shared some wine with the girls while the hubbies watched a day of football? Well, gather up those leftover wine corks because, I want to share with you a fun… Continue reading DIY Wine Cork Tray