Pinterest Projects

I’m addicted to Pinterest! There, I said it! I love everything about it! I am also a HUGE FAN of the show with Chip and JoAnna Gains called Fixer Upper! She is my inspiration! I started appreciating old furniture and putting life into it when we lived in Florida. This is also when Pinterest came out. That combination only meant TROUBLE! ha I kept seeing these projects and found myself thinking-I could SO do that myself! I found an old junk yard type place these two ladies started up called Junk in the Trunk (I was instantly drawn to the name). They went around different places in the south and bought “junk” and then sold it in their store for people to refurbish. My first project was freshening up some old shutters and using them to frame an old window which I made into a picture frame (I’ll put some pictures eventually in a blog about that project). I also love Pinterest for its recipies, home storage ideas and pretty much everything else! I felt Pinterest was cool enough for its own “box”. So, I’ll have a whole section for Pinterest-if that’s not addiction, I don’t know what is! ha


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