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DIY Magical Elf Snow

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DIYMagical Elf Snow

Recently, I wrote about taming it down this year with the Christmas expectations. You can read about it here if you missed it: I Found My Holiday Spirit…and You Can Too!

I also shared how we do Kindness Elves rather than the Elf on the Shelf. Our elves bring us fun ideas to do around the community to spread kindness. (bake cookies and pass them out to the community).

This year, I have done more of a “Hide and Seek” game with them. I’m trying to make it a little easier on myself and free up time for more family time.

However, one tradition I just CAN’T skip, is having the Kindness Elves bring us Magical Snow!

The Elves left a note about how God wants us to share with one another. Also, that they noticed we don’t get much snow in Hawaii. So, they wanted to share some of their snow with us. Aren’t they so kind? haha

The kids get the biggest kick out of it and look forward to it EVERY YEAR!

It’s so simple to make. And, it keeps them busy for HOURS!

We have a Little People Christmas set as well as the Nativity set. They enjoy having Santa ride his sleigh through the snow on his way to see baby Jesus in Bethlehem. It’s adorable!

magic snow

How to make magical snow:

  1. Find a tub of some sort…the bigger the better because they use it to play in. I like to use a wide but narrow size so that they can reach in it easily. For the first few years I used the bigger sized bin that goes in those popular toy storage shelves like this:toy bin
  2. Mix baking soda and shave cream (not gel) together with a spoon or your hands until it’s the consistency you like.
    1. Any baking soda brand will work
    2. Any shaving cream will work. I suggest you grab the cheapest you can find. I used to go to the Dollar Store for it (and the baking soda) But, I’m sure you’re not surprised to know there isn’t a Dollar Tree in Hawaii. In fact, they laughed at me when I first moved here and asked where the Dollar Tree was. They said, “Lacy! You can’t get anything for a buck here!” So depressing! ha But, you can still get some relatively cheap off brand at the store. I also suggest you buy a little extra so you can “freshen it up” a little after a few days. Trust me-they will play with it that long!

This year, I decided to make it in a tub with a lid so it would maybe last a bit longer. I have kept it in the refrigerator too which they like because it’s cold that way!

I keep thinking it would be fun to add a little glitter to the snow to make it even more “magical.” But, I keep forgetting! ha

Here are Rex and Sophie all ready for a little fun in the snow!

I usually distract the kids for a second by saying, “go make sure your room is picked up and then you can play in the snow.” It’s amazing how the elves disappear just in time for them to come back and play in the snow! haha

Have fun!

DIYMagical Elf Snow.png

With Aloha,



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