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The Secret to Finding Fulfillment

Once we commit to a life where we are just ourself and not striving to impress others or be someone they want us to be, we can focus on just enjoying life and the people around us. We can actually LIVE freely with no chains holding us back from true happiness! 

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5 Tips for the First Day of School

Amble Well, it happened. My baby boy started his first day of 2nd grade today! We had company up until yesterday so I wasn't sure how smoothly today was going to be. Luckily, both kids bounced out of bed, got ready and we had plenty of time for a nice, amble walk to school together.… Continue reading 5 Tips for the First Day of School

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Paused: Taking Time to Recharge

Hey friends! Sorry I have been a little non-existent lately! I have family visiting us from the mainland. I can't wait to share with you soon some of what we have been doing while they are visiting. We definitely are keeping the adventurous lifestyle going. We rented a beach house on the North Shore of… Continue reading Paused: Taking Time to Recharge

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Stay at Home Moms vs Working Moms (why we need to stop the mommy wars)

No matter what our "job" is, us moms are ALL striving for the same thing! We want our kids to be safe, cared for and to know they are loved. 

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Lollipops are Magical

Lollipop Did you know, today is National Lollipop Day? Did you even know there WAS such a day? Don't believe me? Take the Jokers advice: It's amazing the things you find out with a little "google" action. Like National Lollipop Day for example! Want to learn more about lollipops? Check this out! Here's a time… Continue reading Lollipops are Magical