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Setting Free the “Better Mom” Inside Me: and Discovering She Has Been There All Along…

There are different seasons we go through in life. Seasons where we are so busy and stressed it feels as if our car is a merely a taxi cab with a locker storage unit in the back donning football cleats, crayons, shoes, hula skirts, library books and random granola bar wrappers (because face it-those are… Continue reading Setting Free the “Better Mom” Inside Me: and Discovering She Has Been There All Along…

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Progressive Family Dinner

Are you looking for a fun alternative to your family dinner time? I know we tend to get into our routine which can get boring after a while. Well, here is a fun idea we did recently: Progressive Family Dinner!The idea behind this, is that we got to enjoy our favorite foods but at different… Continue reading Progressive Family Dinner

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Blessings of a Modern Housewife

Do you ever just sit back and appreciate how good we have it? I’m sitting here working on a project for my kids' class Christmas party coming up 🎄🎅. At the same time, my coffee maker is cleaning itself ☕️. I have a load of laundry washing itself and another drying itself. The floors are… Continue reading Blessings of a Modern Housewife

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I Am a Failure…or Am I?

I struggle with this desire to be perfect. I hold these expectations for myself that are far from obtainable. These expectations put on my shoulders by the worlds' standards oftentimes leave me feeling like a failure. A failure to look a certain way. A failure at being a certain type of mother. A failure at… Continue reading I Am a Failure…or Am I?

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Being a Brave Mom in the Midst of Crisis

Living in Hawaii has been such a blessing! The constant sunny days, the beautiful beaches, the turquoise water, the smells of plumeria and coconuts filling the air...what could be better, right? It might sound like a dream-and some days, it really is. However, even paradise has its downsides. Volcanos erupting, a ballistic missile warning, hurricanes, tropical storms,… Continue reading Being a Brave Mom in the Midst of Crisis

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Where Would We Be Without Teachers?

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I wanted to repost this 🙂

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I'm part of Post A Day 2016

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, I wanted to share a quick and easy teacher gift idea with you today!

My sister is a 1st grade teacher and because of this, I have a BIG RESPECT for all teachers! Too often, their hard work goes un-noticed!

I always enjoy coming up with a creative gift to thank my kids’ teachers. However, this Teacher Appreciation Week, time was an issue so I had to  settle for simple gift cards instead. I still wanted to make it special so I decided on making a fun gift card holder to go with the gift cards.

I found these adorable little buckets and shredded paper in the party section of the store. I love how the grocery bag looking filler paired with the bucket gave it a kind of “rustic” look.

I used a chalk board paint pen to write “Thanks” on the little…

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Deployment: A Submariner Wife’s Perspective of the toughest words a military spouse can hear. So many emotions come up when I hear that word: loneliness, stress, loss, fear, sadness, exhaustion... I pride myself on typically being an uplifting and positive person. However, this can be a struggle at times when I'm faced with the extremely difficult task of staying… Continue reading Deployment: A Submariner Wife’s Perspective

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Monster Mom Attacks: Rekindling the Relationship with My Son During a Stressful Deployment

If you know me and follow my blog regularly, you know I am typically a very happy and positive person. My posts 9/10 times are about finding happiness and spreading that joy to others. Well, unfortunately, I have hit that place of deployment where I am starting to feel like I'm losing my zest. I'm… Continue reading Monster Mom Attacks: Rekindling the Relationship with My Son During a Stressful Deployment

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Something I’ve Done Right: Realizing I’m a Damn Good Mom!

I tend to focus on how tired I feel or I let myself feel guilty for not doing all of the fun activities on my Pinterest Boards. But, when it comes down to it, they don't need the "extras." They just need a present me.