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DIY Summer Wreath

Make it Monday Summer is full on and there's nothing better than a new bright cheery wreath to display on your front porch! For today's "Make it Monday" I want to share with you how I made my favorite wreath. I shopped around for weeks and was shocked to see how pricey wreaths are! At… Continue reading DIY Summer Wreath

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The Perfect Summer DIY Potting Table

Make it Monday (I'm always excited for my Make it Monday posts. I hope you are too!) I love working in the garden. One of my fondest memories is every summer planting tons of flowers with my momĀ and sister. She established in me a love for flowers and nature. Even at a young age, I… Continue reading The Perfect Summer DIY Potting Table

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DIY: Lego Mini Figure Display

Make It Monday! Volume Last week, I posted a DIY project of mine where I made my son a Lego table out of an old coffee table I picked up along the side of the road. If you would like to see it, or learn how I made it, here is a link to that… Continue reading DIY: Lego Mini Figure Display

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School Memorabilia Storage

If you are like me, I'm always looking for a better way to organize the kids' piles of school memorabilia. I got a phone call the other day from my Step-mom and she told me that, since my dad sold his business, the stuff we had stored in the building needed to be moved too.… Continue reading School Memorabilia Storage

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Made For a Master Builder: Lego Table Transformation

Make it Monday! Hey friends! My son had recently outgrown his Lego Duplo table. I found him using it more as a junk storage solution. So, it was time to donate it. I still really liked the idea of having a Lego table for him. When I play Lego's with him, I always end up… Continue reading Made For a Master Builder: Lego Table Transformation

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Best Team Snacks Idea

Is it your week to bring team snacks?  Do you want to bring some treats to make you the ultimate "team mom?!?!" My sons flag football team this year was the Patriots. I love making treats that are unique and themed. My son really wanted cupcakes so this is what I came up with. I… Continue reading Best Team Snacks Idea

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Pallet Playhouse

The best thing about living in a new construction neighborhood was the abundance of left over construction materials! "Dumpster diving" quickly became a favorite hobby of mine! And, if I was lucky, sometimes the construction crews would even drop stuff by my house for me! I picked up these pallets & extra wood pieces one… Continue reading Pallet Playhouse