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The Power Of A Simple Phone Call (A 3 Line Tale)

3 Line Tale Challenge: Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt... There is surprisingly a lot of power in a simple phone call. A phone call can lift your spirits by announcing good news and yet, it may also carry with it the burden of painful news. Yes. A simple phone call can change… Continue reading The Power Of A Simple Phone Call (A 3 Line Tale)

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Living Simply (photo challenge/3 Line Tale)

Photo Challenge/Three Line Tale: Living simply with only what you need Realizing what is important in life are the relationships...not the things This my what life is about! With Aloha, Lacy Featured Blog Posts: Missing the Craziness of Motherhood Finding Thankfulness in the Crappy Situations Joe: How a Homeless Man Changed My Life

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Careful but Messy (photo challenge)

Three Line Tale Challenge: Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge, only100words Planned and delicately crafted piece by piece. Suddenly, out of nowhere-bam! still gets messy! With Aloha, Lacy How I Cut Cable and Internet…and Lived to Tell About It Spin Class…After a 10 year Break Saturate yourself and share with each other God’s word


Heavenly Scent (A 3 Line Tale)

3 Line Tale *** The scent of sweet basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme wafted through the pizzeria. My senses were on full-alert as I watched the masterpiece bake in this superior oven. Ready to savor the flavor and crispy textures of this tantalizing combination of cheeses, meats and spices, I lean in...take a bite...and I'm… Continue reading Heavenly Scent (A 3 Line Tale)

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Distant Goals (3 Line Tale)

  I see you off in the distance, urging me to come at you with all of my might. At times, you seem too far...unattainable even. But, here I go using all of my strength and determination to reach that GOAL!   With Aloha, Lacy Want to join in on the fun? Check out the… Continue reading Distant Goals (3 Line Tale)

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Not Always What It Seems

Three Line Tale:   Beautiful, mesmerizing and exotic. Begging for you to reach out and embrace. Be careful...things aren't always as they your heart, handle with care!   Want to participate or see how others responded to the 3LineTales challenge? Click here here Have fun! With Aloha, Lacy