Lemon Blueberry Summer Treat

Lemon Blueberry Summer Treat Ingredients: Lemon Yogurt Graham Crackers Blueberries Instructions: Spoon some lemon yogurt into the bottom of a glass or bowl (doesn't need to be fancy. But, it can be made to look fancy if you use some cute glasses). Crumble up some graham crackers and add a little on top of the… Continue reading Lemon Blueberry Summer Treat

Healthy Living

5 Better Choices You can Make at Restaurants

Wellness Wednesday Good nutrition is vital when striving to live a healthy lifestyle! What we choose to eat today, not only affects how we feel now and into tomorrow. It also impacts our future. The choices we make can have giant benefits.┬áBanded together with physical activity, our diet can help us to reach and maintain… Continue reading 5 Better Choices You can Make at Restaurants