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DIY Tin Can Flowers

Make it Monday: I love to get creative with pallets. One of my favorite projects is this decoration I made with the help of my mom for my back yard. We lived in a new construction neighborhood in Florida so there was an abundance of pallets sitting around. The builders gave me permission to use… Continue reading DIY Tin Can Flowers

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From Baby Crib to Front Porch Decor (A DIY Project)

Make it Monday It's no secret that I absolutely love bulk trash day! This is the one day a month (usually people don't follow the rules and it's a few days) where you can get rid of big, bulky items and the city will pick them up and dispose of them for you. I love… Continue reading From Baby Crib to Front Porch Decor (A DIY Project)

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DIY Bathroom Shelf Re-do

Make it Monday Dash Do you ever find yourself holding on to a piece of furniture but you don't really know why? Maybe it was expensive and you don't want to just toss it. Maybe it has sentimental value-it was the first thing you bought as a married couple. For me, that piece was the… Continue reading DIY Bathroom Shelf Re-do

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Made For a Master Builder: Lego Table Transformation

Make it Monday! Hey friends! My son had recently outgrown his Lego Duplo table. I found him using it more as a junk storage solution. So, it was time to donate it. I still really liked the idea of having a Lego table for him. When I play Lego's with him, I always end up… Continue reading Made For a Master Builder: Lego Table Transformation

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How How I Saved $48 By Revamping This Damaged Frame

I stopped at a thrift store earlier this week. I came across this picture frame and thought it was quite the score...until I saw the big water stain on it 😭 I was so disappointed. However, after further inspection, I decided I would try to fix it up! I really like the farmhouse theme that's… Continue reading How How I Saved $48 By Revamping This Damaged Frame

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Texas Treasures

We spent this past week visiting my in-laws in Texas (I'll resist the opportunity to share some in-law jokes-haha). While we were there, my husband and I spent a few days doing some repair work and also mended their privacy fence. This left me with some unique looking weathered wood pieces that I just HAD… Continue reading Texas Treasures