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From Baby Crib to Front Porch Decor (A DIY Project)

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It’s no secret that I absolutely love bulk trash day!

This is the one day a month (usually people don’t follow the rules and it’s a few days) where you can get rid of big, bulky items and the city will pick them up and dispose of them for you. I love loading up the kids and cruising through the neighborhood to see what I can find to breath new life into! 

Remember my post about the Lego Table? Yep-bulk trash rescue! If you missed it, here you go: Made For a Master Builder: Lego Table Transformation

Not too long ago, I was sitting on my front porch and saw the neighbors were getting rid of a baby crib. I sat and just stared at it for the longest time trying to think what I could turn it into. I fell in love with it…but, wasn’t sure what to do with it. 

I knew I needed it though! So, I ran across the street and grabbed the 2 end pieces. I propped them up against the railing and brainstormed…and brainstormed.

I finally decided that whatever I was going to do with it, I would want them to look more rustic. So, rather than keep the shiny wood (which was actually very pretty), I wanted to distress it a bit. So, I did so with some paint I had sitting around.

From here, I added some chicken wire to the back of each of them by cutting it to fit and using the staple gun to attach it.

I needed this little creation to have a purpose. So, I decided I would use them as decor on my front porch. I have a big empty space and this would fill that spot perfectly.

I wanted to attach some buckets to them for flowers. I found some cheap ones at Lowe’s which were intended for “painting.” When I lived on the mainland, I could find little buckets like this easily at antique shops. Unfortunately, stuff like that is hard to come by here in Hawaii. So, I had to go with new ones. Which was fine…they look nice.

I found some little hooks that could attach to the chicken wire and hung the flower-pot buckets. I added some flowers and was all set!

Lastly, I screwed them into the house. I will probably regret that when we move out since  we live in base housing. But, for the time being, I love it!

Here is the finished product!

FullSizeRender 89-2

This was such a fun project.

I am proud to have them displayed on my front porch. I spend a lot of time sitting out there reading and it’s actually where I sit when I blog most mornings.

This little DIY project gave my porch just the little touch it needed and puts a smile on my face 🙂

Do you like to do DIY projects? What was your favorite project? Next week, I will share another DIY project where I used an old crib yet again! Check it out next “Make it Monday!”

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2 thoughts on “From Baby Crib to Front Porch Decor (A DIY Project)

  1. Love, love, love your creation! You never cease to amaze me on your fun & creativity! I think I’d love to have you find treasures in my house to recreate! Got any looooong layovers in CA!😂❤️

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