Finding Solace: Aiea Loop Trail (Oahu, Hawaii)

Today, I went hiking for the first time in way too long. If you know me, I love to hike and typically hike at least once a week. For a while there, I was doing at least 2 hikes a week even! Unfortunately, the holidays, the rain and deployment have all kept me out of… Continue reading Finding Solace: Aiea Loop Trail (Oahu, Hawaii)


Reprieve: Letting Yourself Get Lost

Reprieve How often do you close your eyes and allow your mind to just LET GO? Taken to that place full of endless possibilities. A reprieve from the struggles you are facing, whatever they may be. When you do this, how do you do it? A massage?┬áPainting? A glass (or two) of wine? I find… Continue reading Reprieve: Letting Yourself Get Lost