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Sorry, God! I Need to Check Facebook First!

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Sometimes I feel like my life consists of lists:

grocery lists

to-do lists

house chore lists

volunteer work lists

reading lists

bucket lists

Sometimes, it feels like I need a list of my lists just to keep track of my lists! Wait! I just did that!!! Yikes! šŸ˜³

. . . .

I was working on writing a list of things I hoped to accomplish once the kiddos started summer break later this month. Mid pen-stroke, I realized I just had too many lists with too many obligations and not enough free time.Ā 

I asked myself, “How can I change that? Should I just do away with the lists and just “be?” Or, should I just embrace the lists and roll with it?”

I’m the type of person who is overly organized. There, I said it!

If I find an idea on Pinterest about how I can organize my pantry, I will be headed to Target within the hour to buy new storage bins (even if I just reorganized it last week.) I just love to organize! Because of this, it’s just not practical for me to have NO “list.”

For me, planning prevents chaos. Chaos leads to stress and I just don’t need that in my life!

So, today, I decided to re-evaluate my list and haveĀ less on it. Simplify and prioritize!

I need to do less so I can enjoy more.

I need to give myself the freedom to say “no” to others more so I can say “yes” to my family more.

Do I really need to be part of so many clubs? Do I reallyĀ need to spend so much time on Facebook? Do I really need so many outside things taking my attention away from what is most important to me?

Am I giving the areas in my life that mean the most to me the time and attention it deserves? Or, am I letting other areas overtake and control my life?

So, here’s one last “list.” The list I need to FOCUSĀ more on!

If I were to list what is most important to me, it would simply be:

  1. My walk with Christ
  2. My family
  3. My friends

Do I even SEE organizing or browsing Pinterest on that list? Do I even SEE chores on that list? What about Facebook?

Why is it then, that those things get so much of my time while God, my family and my friends have to sit aside and wait untilĀ it’sĀ convenient for me?

. . . .

What are the distractions you have in your life that areĀ keeping you from what is important to you?

Have I inspired you to re-evaluate your “to-do” lists? I’d love to hear from you! Please comment and let me know!


3 thoughts on “Sorry, God! I Need to Check Facebook First!

  1. I completely agree with your post. I am organized and like to keep things tidy and clean and before I know it; I’m off to bed. But what about God, even now,I still have trouble with prioritizing God first and everything else second.

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