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Little Girl Hairstyles you MUST Try!

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One of my favorite things to do, as a mom of a little girl, is playing with her hair.

I have always enjoyed fixing hair.

When I was a little girl, I would “create” some rather interesting hairstyles. Many of these creations, my mom would actually let me wear out in public (gasp!)

Fortunately for my daughter, my hair fixing skill has gotten a little bit better!

Once we get past the gruesome task of brushing her hair, I love to create or re-create some hairstyles (some I’ve seen on Pinterest and some I’ve seen of other little girls we pass by).

Here is a collection of my favorites! 

This hairstyle gets so many compliments! Start at the top with two little sections rubber-banded.  Tie a simple knot with the two strands. Add these strands into 2 new sections. Tie a simple knot and continue down until you get to where you want your pony tail. Gather all of the hair into a pony tail. Finish with a pretty bow.


This is one of my go-to hairstyles. It’s surprisingly quick and easy. Start at the bottom and make two tiny sections secured with rubber bands. Criss cross them and secure them in with 2 new sections of hair. Continue to work your way up! End with 2 little messy buns!


I don’t use the curling iron on her hair very often. But, it sure looks pretty when I do! Look at how these curls bring out her pretty shine!


This is what we like to call “the noodle!” It’s simple, fast and easy. Simply make a very high pony tail (and I mean, top of the head pony tail!) Rather than pull all of the hair out the last time you wrap the rubber band around, leave all but the end in and fan it out to look like a slinky. You can fancy it up like we did here by simply adding a headband or a big bow.


You can never go wrong with an 80’s style side pony-tail! Just gather up those lovely locks into a side pony tail and add a big pretty accessory.

side pony

And, now for my favorite…the messy bun! Just pull that hair up in a high pony tail and scrunch it up while you wrap the rubber band around. Add a pretty head wrap or hreadband to really make it look cool!

messy bun

I look forward to doing her prom hair…some day! But, for now, we enjoy doing little girl hair!

It’s more than just pretty hair to me. To me, it’s an opportunity to have her undivided attention and we can talk about whatever she comes up with (which can be quite interesting some days!)

I hope you found this post helpful! I’d love to hear from you! Like and comment below!

With Aloha,


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