Pali Puka-the Ultimate Precipice

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Today’s Daily Prompt is Precipice.

prec·i·pice: a very steep rock face or cliff, typically a tall one.

As an avid hiker, living in Hawaii…my first thought at the word precipice was the Pali Puka Hiking Trail.

This is once of my FAVORITE hikes on Oahu.





What more could you want?!?!?

This trail begins at the Pali Lookout. This is a major tourist attraction but typically traveled to by bus so parking has never been an issue for me. There is a charge for parking unless you are local. Just show your id to the parking attendant and you’re good to go.

You will see an opening in the trees just to the left of the parking lot (just past the tour bus parking area). You will see a sign at the beginning saying to not go past that point. Close your eyes for a moment and keep going…

You will begin in a bamboo forest climbing up a rather steep hill. For me, this is the most challenging part of the trail. I think I tend to go to fast because I’m excited to get to the ridge line. It’s not difficult but it does get my heart pumping!

Stay climbing up and to the right and you will see a clearing which leads you to the ridge line and your first glimpse of the amazing view.

You have a choice of either following the ridge line OR you can duck back into the trees and follow a trail there instead. They both weave in and out meeting up several times. So, you have the option of going either way and can even switch if you change your mind.

Going along the ridge line is definitely more thrilling as you are literally on the edge!

It is also ALWAYS WINDY at the Pali Lookout and Pali Puka so be prepared for that.

There is a rope section on this hike as well. It’s not too difficult. However, if it has been rainy, it can be slick and more of a challenge.

Continue up the mountain following the ridge line. Don’t forget to stop and take in the view!

You can even see the Pali Lookout and parking lot below…

Eventually, you will reach a huge rock wall. Don’t worry! You do not have to scale this like Spider Man! 
This actually marks the location of the puka! Puka means “hole” in Hawaiian. So, find the hole in the rock and you find the Pali Puka!

This is a favorite photo-op spot for many people on the island!

Enjoy some time at the puka and then head back down the same way you came up!

You just conquered Oahu’s Pali Puka!


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