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Blessings of a Modern Housewife

Do you ever just sit back and appreciate

how good we have it?

I’m sitting here working on a project for my kids’ class Christmas party coming up 🎄🎅.

At the same time, my coffee maker is cleaning itself ☕️.

I have a load of laundry washing itself and another drying itself.

The floors are getting somewhat swept by the Roomba.

The dishes are getting washed in the dishwasher 🍽.

The crock pot is cooking dinner 🍗.

The sprinklers are watering the yard 💦.

I feel like I should do the “oven cleaning” button just to add that to the list 😂.

But, seriously!!

I so very much appreciate these luxuries! I feel they open up time for me to be a better mom and be able to focus on my family-not just doing housework (even though it sometimes feels that’s all I get accomplished in a day!)

If you know me, I’m a struggling perfectionist and these little helpers go a long ways to help me stay somewhat sane with 2 kids, a messy husband and a dog!

I can’t help but think back to the days when my grandmother was a farmer’s wife and mother of 6 kids. She didn’t have these luxuries. I’m sure she dreamed of having a robot to sweep her constantly dirty farmhouse floors. And, here I sit (literally) watching one sweep circles around me!


I don’t know how moms did it all. Bless their amazing, “super mom” hearts! I look up to them for sure!

Some days, it’s the little things you guys!

Appreciate the little things!

These “little” things are actually quite big when you take the time to appreciate them!

blessings of a modern housewife

With Aloha,



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4 thoughts on “Blessings of a Modern Housewife

  1. The amenities of modern life are amazing. I’ve been done for the count w/ a tendon injury and some other health issues. Fortunately, Shipt now exists and someone could do my grocery shopping and hand deliver it to my house. Simply amazing!

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    1. I tried to do a little catch-up with your blog. I’ve taken a break from blogging. (But I’m back!) I did notice you have been dealing with some health issues! The grocery delivery WOULD be excellent for that! I can’t help but think how amazing it would’ve been to have that option when I had a new baby and lived in snow! Or just for when I lived in snow in general! 🥶

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