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James Clark -- The Next Iteration

“When I look around, I see so much beauty. Sunsets, the mountains, the crashing waves, rainbows… these are all things that God provided to remind us of His abiding presence.”

Once again, Lacy, the author of “Adventures of a Busy Mom“, offers up an awesome observation in her post “Seek Him Always“. This one spoke to me so deeply because it is so pertinent to my love of nature and to my “Soul Spring Magic” post, the story of a young man finding peace and strength in nature when he took the time to listen to God speaking through it.

I actually relate deeply with all the content Lacy puts on her blog. She is becoming a major conduit for the Spirit to speak into my life, my heart, and my ministry. She has a refreshing writing style: down-to-earth, unassuming, personable, real… and yet…

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