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The Perfect Summer DIY Potting Table

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I love working in the garden.

One of my fondest memories is every summer planting tons of flowers with my mom and sister. She established in me a love for flowers and nature. Even at a young age, I was able to identify so many different flowers. The workers at the greenhouse were always impressed when I would say stuff like, “these marigolds are sure pretty!”

When we purchased our first home, I was so excited to have our own yard and the opportunity to really create a beautiful yard full of flowers. 

I decided I needed a potting table so that I could have everything readily available rather than have to carry all of my potting supplies from the garage to the back yard every time I worked in the garden (I also built and planted a few raised vegetable garden boxes).

potting table

To build the base, I used basic table instructions similar to these found here: potting table plans. 

I don’t have actual building plans because, to be honest with you, I just winged it. I’m a very visual person. So I see something and I just “guess” how to do it until I like it. But, the link above is very similar to what I did.

Once the table was built, it was time for the fun part! I wanted something bright, cheery and colorful!

I dug up an extra little rack with hooks that I wasn’t sure until now what to do with. It was perfect for this project! I painted it pink to match the table and simply attached it to the top of the potting table below the top shelf (see picture). It worked perfect to hold my water sprayer.

I found some extra plastic bins from the kids’ toy shelf. So, I painted them yellow and put them on each end of the table. One to brush dirt in and one for holding trash like those little flower tags and containers until I could get to the big trash can.

For the bottom shelf, I used a few extra floor tiles. I liked the look of it. However, you could use wood instead if you want to.

I felt like it still needed something more. So, I decided to add chicken wire to the back. You can’t see it in the picture…but, it’s there! I promise and it looks really cute in person! I cut it to fit and then used a staple gun to attach it. The chicken wire worked really well to hang my gardening utensils (attached by little hooks on the chicken wire).

I bought a big trash can and used it to store my potting soil.

Under the potting table, I had a big bin which stored my extra pots and a few plants that needed planted.

That’s all there is to it! I was ready to plant my garden oasis!

I hope this inspires you to build a potting table for your back yard. Or, at least to get outside and enjoy some time planting and tending to some beautiful flowers.

It is such a rewarding hobby!

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