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Choose to Be Happy: Tips on How to Use Facebook to Promote Joy

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A lot of people complain that Facebook is full of “garbage” and negativity. My response to this is that Facebook, like everything in life, is all what we CHOOSE to make it!

I’m big on “un-friending” or at least “unfollowing” those people or groups that don’t make me feel good. Why follow the ones who leave me feeling worse than when I opened up the ap?

For ME, I have changed Facebook to be a source of inspiration and positivity.

I only follow inspiring pages like:

Proverbs 31 Ministries

Focus on the Family

Steven Furtick

Fatih Tap

Trust in the Lord


Girlfriends in God

Those are just a few of my favorites. Facebook has this incredible option called: “follow” “unfollow” and “see first.” I have utilized this to show just these sites “first.” That way, every time I open up my Facebook newsfeed, I am showered with scripture and positive images, quotes, stories etc. I don’t need to be bombarded by sad news stories or “friends” who are full of drama.

Facebook also has the option to “like” or “share.” Now that you’ve gone through your Facebook newsfeed, why not share the fun and encouraging posts you’ve seen???

How can you not find Facebook to be inspiring when you use it to your advantage like this!?!?

While you’re at it, add Adventures Of A Busy Mom to your list of “follows.”

Thank you, friends!

Choose to be Inspired

With Aloha,


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