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The Local Flavor of North Shore Oahu

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My favorite things to do in Hawaii include hiking and go to the beach. When I’m not doing that, I’m finding fun places to go eat! I just love sharing the pineapple drinks with the kiddos! It’s a special treat!


The local food trucks on the infamous North Shore are my new favorite place to stop.

A few weeks ago, I had a “staycation” to the North Shore where the kids and I spent the entire day up on the North Shore with a great friend. We did a small hike and then decided we wanted to eat before we went to the beach.

We decided on stopping at the food trucks. There were so many different food trucks to choose from. If you know me, then it’s no surprise to see I chose this one:


We grabbed our pineapple drinks and quesadillas and headed to the picnic tables and enjoyed our lunch with some wild chickens running around us. Who knew we were going to get dinner AND a show! ha

Let me tell you, it was AMAZING! The grass umbrellas we sat under gave it such a fun feeling. I didn’t want to leave. But….the beach was calling our name. So, we popped across the street to Sharks Cove.

Sharks Cove is one of the best snorkeling spots on Oahu. We set up our blanket, lathered on the SPF and hit the water. Even in the shallow water, we saw some great fish! Going out deeper we saw TONS of them! I’ve promised myself I will buy an underwater camera/go pro before I snorkel again so I can take pictures of these incredible fish! But, for the time being, just imagine 39239 of Nemo’s best friends! Sorry for the “Finding Nemo” reference. But, I’m a mom…of course there’s going to be some Disney from time to time!

Then, the rain came to spoil the fun! We decided to call it a day. 

But then, the kids asked if we could find some geocaches on the way home. If I haven’t mentioned it before, Oahu is like a geocaching heaven! There are so many incredible places to geocache and the kids and I just love it! My friend Barb taught me about it about 2 years ago when she came to visit and since then, we’ve found 66 caches!

I love how geocaching helps you explore and find new places.

This time, it brought us to Turtle Beach where we saw this big guy:


It also lead us to this area of Haleiwa:

IMG_2952 2-2.jpg

It was at this point, my car literally told me I needed to stop for some coffee…

IMG_2956 2-2

So, we headed over to my favorite coffee spot on the island, Green World Coffee Farm: 


We found a great geocache (hidden INSIDE this snail-shell!) not far from the Coffee Farm and then, headed home.


It was such a great day! The kids are still talking about it. My family is coming to visit soon and we rented a beach house on the North Shore. We can not wait to spend some quality time up there with them and explore some more!

People ask if I ever feel stuck on the island or bored…how could I!?!?! There is SO MUCH TO DO! 

Every day truly IS an adventure if you make it one! Get out. Explore!

With Aloha,


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15 thoughts on “The Local Flavor of North Shore Oahu

    1. I lived in Nebraska for about 26 years. That was enough snow for me😳 But, I believe there are adventures everywhere and Nebraska is beautiful in its own way. I used to love to visit the cowboy trail there and to go tubing down the Niobrara river. The Fort Randal Dam is great for boating and camping! It’s not Hawaii but it can still be an adventure! That turtle picture was by far, the biggest sea turtle I’ve seen! It was amazing!

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      1. Ah, thought I respond to this. She works for Cabela’s. Their corporate headquarters is in Sidney. Professionally it was a good move for her. The quieter life with young kids has proved to be good too. That said. They miss Gramma (That would be me. Wink) So she is trying to see about working remotely. Her husband also sees the benefits of small town, USA, but he is a city boy at heart, so… Fingers crossed for me.

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      2. I really have come to appreciate the smaller-ish town mentality! Sidney IS way out there in Western Nebraska! I actually had a friend in college from there! I bet they DO miss grandma! I’ll pray something works out for your family! I know the feeling about distance-being in Hawaii, we are SOOOO far away from grandma. But, we embrace it and utilize FaceTime EVERY DAY!


  1. Where I live in the Northeast, have always wanted to visit Hawaii to escape our long winters. Sounds like your having a lot of fun and enjoying some great food. Thanks for sharing the pic and positive experience! 🙂

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    1. You would love a visit out here! It’s such a change. I didn’t realize it so much coming here. But, I feel it when I leave and visit the mainland. This island has gripped my heart for sure! I love it and love to share my adventures with you, my friends!

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  2. The Turtle is AMAZING. I’m laughing over the car telling you it was a coffee break time! Hahaha. Also, we tried that Geo Caching thing. We were driving all over and were in Colorado and the kids always had on flip flops and there were rocks and climbing involved. We weren’t successful in finding it, but we still want to try it someday…maybe now that the kids are older. Maybe on our long drive from Ca to OR as we are moving soon.

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    1. LOL. Any car that tells me to go get coffee is my new best friend! I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw it do that! I’m like, “it’s reading my mind!”

      Geocaching is soon much fun! You should give it another shot. We do so much hiking out here in Hawaii that, we are constantly finding geocache treasures. My kids love it! We are planning another day just for that soon! That’s a great idea to do that on a long road trip. What a great way to break up the trip and stretch your legs a bit! Living on an island, we don’t have much for road trips here….but, I will keep that in mind the next time we visit the mainland!

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      1. I’m still jealous over the whole car notifying you about coffee break…I’d want one that also popped out the ashtray area, with money for Starbucks!

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