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Summer is full on and there’s nothing better than a new bright cheery wreath to display on your front porch!

For today’s “Make it Monday” I want to share with you how I made my favorite wreath.

I shopped around for weeks and was shocked to see how pricey wreaths are! At the time, we lived in a home  with double front doors…so the expense was times 2!

I decided it was time for me to get crafty!

I picked out some goldenrod artificial flowers (the more authentic looking the better). I chose goldenrod because it’s the state flower of my home state-Nebraska. I like to have a little piece of “home” with me wherever we live!

I also picked out some greenery. The greenery was the vine type so it was long strips rather than a bouquet type.

For the base, I bought a basic grapevine wreath like this one:

grape vine wreath

Then, I dug out my glue gun and wire cutters and got ready to work!

This was such an easy but impressive wreath!

The first thing I had to do, was cut the big stem off of the greenery so that I had each “branch” or “strip” separate. Doing one area at a time, I slathered some hot glue on the wreath and placed the greenery on top (be careful because the glue is HOT!) Keep doing this until the base is covered like the picture below. Add more glue wherever it’s needed to make sure it is secure.


Now for the flowers!

The first thing I did, was cut off all of the little flowers using the wire cutters. I just made a big pile of them so they would be easy to grab. Now, you are ready to glue the flowers on. I squeezed a little hot glue on each little stem piece and attached it randomly on the wreath until it was mostly covered.

I decided to add a burlap bow which I attached with some thin wire. The flowers I bought came with a little bit of greenery. I decided I might as well not let them go to waste so I popped a few of those on too behind the bow. It added a nice dimension to it.  I had a little burlap flower that I glued to the center of the bow just to add a special touch.

It was a time-consuming project…since I made 2 of these. It was not difficiult at all. The pay-off was great! I saved a load of money and I received so many compliments on them!

Summer Wreath.png

I hung these with pride on my front porch. What do you have on your front porch? Do you like to decorate it with a wreath? Has this inspired you to make one yourself?

With Aloha,


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Stay tuned tomorrow for Tasty Tuesday where I’ll share one of my favorite recipes!



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