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Clink, Jingle and Jangle: The Penny Trick

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I have to start off by saying, my dad is a major goofball! He is always doing stuff to make people laugh.

I think it’s where I get my personality from and my desire to always make things fun.

I remember walking around the mall and all of a sudden hearing a clink, jingle and jangle of coins hitting the ground. My dad would toss a penny or two from his pocket on the ground just to watch kids scramble around and excitedly pick it up and then turn around to try to figure out where it came from. By this time, my dad would quickly turn away so they would never know where it originated. 

It left these kids in awe and so excited that they witnessed a miracle of money falling from the sky! haha It was so nice to see their happy faces over something so simple.

As you can guess, my sister and I were the first ones to fall for this trick. But, we loved it! I never should have let on that I knew it was him because I could have been rich by now from gathering up change! ha-ha

Now, I can’t end this post without telling a funny story about my sister.

When she was little, she had the ceramic Mickey Mouse penny bank. There was nothing she loved more than “counting” her pennies. I honestly don’t even know if she could count money yet but she loved to do it. My dad and I would be in the other room and all of a sudden here this, “ching, ching, jingle, jangle” of her coins as they entered the piggy bank and hit the pile of change below. This would go on for so long. My dad and I would laugh and giggle about how adamant she was to do this so often. We even gave her the nick name “ching ching” from the sound it made! We would hear the penny bank getting dumped out onto her bed and we’d look at each other and say, “here we go again!”

It’s funny how I had forgotten all about this until today’s word prompt came up and made me sit and think about loose change. I can’t wait to share this memory with my sister and my dad today!

The Penny Trick

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4 thoughts on “Clink, Jingle and Jangle: The Penny Trick

  1. Most people now would not even bother to pick up a penny from the ground. When I was young we could buy penny candy. When I was out of work for a prolonged period, I rolled up all the pennies I had saved over the years and brought them to the bank. It was so heavy that I had to make three trips, but it only amounted to around $180.

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    1. Yeah, sadly it’s not worth too much anymore. But, surprisingly he still does this and the kids still love it! My daughter is constantly finding “lucky pennies” on the ground and it makes her so excited!


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