God’s Gentle Reminder Continues (bible journal)

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Yesterday, I shared about how God used a beach sunset to remind me of his presence and to trust in him after the stressful week I had. If you missed it, you can catch up here: I Needed God’s Gentle Reminder

Guess what? God wasn’t done talking to me I guess! I wrote that blog post in the evening. The next morning, I open up my Bible and guess what verse jumped out at me?

1 Corinthians 10:10 “And do not grumble, as some of them did…”

There are so many different paths we can take to get through the day. They all lead to the end of the day. But, the path we choose will determine the outcome. The day is full of choices. We can grumble, complain and make it a rotten day. OR, we can walk along a path with Christ. This path is a path of peace as we can lean on Him during our difficult moments.

Can we say this was written for me!?!?

I wish I had read this verse BEFORE I was less than gracious at the car rental place the day before when they informed me they no longer had a car for me because I didn’t get there early enough in the morning. Want to know why I didn’t get there first thing in the morning? I was waiting for a tow truck (for 5-yes 5 hours!) to pick up my vehicle after our car accident. In addition to this, we missed out on a playdate we had really been looking forward to with our hiking friends because the tow truck was so late coming. My day was quickly zooming into a downward spiral. 

I chose to grumble and complain and guess what? My day was rotten. It was horrible. And, I deserved it!

An attitude change would’ve made a big difference. No, it wouldn’t have changed the situation. But, if I would’ve changed my attitude, I bet the day wouldn’t have felt so crummy.

If I had chosen to lean on God, I would’ve been more focused on finding positive things to be grateful for rather than dwelling on all of the ugliness surrounding me that day. Hidden behind all of the bad was a mountain of things to be grateful for! The kids and I didn’t get injured during the wreck, we are blessed with great car insurance which will cover all of the damages without breaking the bank and, I had a wonderful friend who was gracious enough to give us a ride to a few car rental places to get our rental. And, you know what? Sometimes, I just need to throw in the fact that we live in paradise! What a great thing to be thankful for! When I’m stressed, all around me are opportunities for us to relax and refocus like we ended up doing last night after my mommy-melt down day.

Today, rather than grumble, I am choosing to actually be thankful for that crappy day.

It gave me the opportunity to seek God and watch how he can transform trials into blessings.

It’s in these moments that our faith grows.

It’s in these moments that WE can grow.

1 Cor 10:10

As guilty as I feel for my attitude that day, I know God continued to gently remind me this morning how I need to keep a cool head and be more christ-like in those situations. I’m choosing to celebrate the blessings from that day and I pray I can remember 1 Corinthians 10:10 from here on out and “not grumble.”

God's Gentle Reminder Continues

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4 thoughts on “God’s Gentle Reminder Continues (bible journal)

  1. I’m sure we can all relate, I know I can. As soon as I complain, I think oh dear, I just complained. Lord help me not to do that. And my Pastor just said a few words on complaining last week. We do need to be reminded. Tks

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