Die to Bloom (By: James Clark)

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Check out this amazing post by James Clark!

I am so humbled that James mentions two of my posts from this past week in his post today:

I Needed God’s Gentle Reminder

God’s Gentle Reminder Continues (bible journal)

He constantly encourages me and motivates me to be open and real in my own posts. He  proves to do this himself as well in “Die to Bloom.” In this post of his, he shares how my posts this week teamed up with some other divine interventions and were part of his own “gentle reminder” from God. They have helped him see God’s purpose for his life during a struggling time. He also shares with us how he now has a changed perspective and has bloomed into a better person.

I was so blessed by his words and I pray you will be as well!

Check it out:


Like a tender garde

ner, God nurtures His plants. With a little fertilizer of the Word here, and a little water of the Spirit there. Here a trim. There a nudge. Everywhere an encouraging admonition.

via ​Die to Bloom — James Clark — The Next Iteration

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