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One of the first hikes I did on Oahu, HI was Diamond Head. I can’t believe that was about 2 years ago. Now, my list of hikes accomplished has grown just as much as my love for hiking has grown! It was this hike which introduced me to a great group of fellow hikers. We eventually named ourselves the Taco Hikers because we were always drawn to the nearest taco joint after our hikes!

My family came to visit from the mainland and they chose to do the infamous Diamond Head hike as our first adventure!

Diamond Head itself is a volcanic tuff cone. It is said to be about 400,000-500,000 years old. Inside the cone of this volcano used to house Fort Ruger which was the first military reservation on Oahu. There are still a few defense-type uses inside the crater. However, this national landmark is primarily used for tourist hiking.

The trail itself is about .75 miles and can take about 1.5-2 hours. You will be climbing the inside slope of the crater. Most of the path is unpaved with several switchbacks. There is a section of 74 stairs, a tunnel, 99 more stairs (steeper) and a winding staircase.

FullSizeRender 118

FullSizeRender 121.jpg

FullSizeRender 116

FullSizeRender 120.jpg

After making your way to the top, you are rewarded with a fantastic view!

FullSizeRender 117.jpg

FullSizeRender 119
At the top of Diamond Head with my brother, dad and sister

We had such a great time and it was well worth the effort.

It was so special for me to finally be able to share my love for hiking with my family. I have a feeling they loved it as much as I did! I can’t wait to do more with them the next time they visit.

If you are on the island of Oahu, I highly encourage you to visit Diamond Head. It is close to Waikiki and it is at a hiking level suitable for almost everyone. Just come prepared with good shoes and plenty of water.

Have fun!


With Aloha,


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