Judd Trail to Ginger Pools

Trekking Thursday

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If you have seen the movie Snatched, you may recognize this trail. A few fellow hikers were out hiking last summer and ran into Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn while they were filming this movie! I haven’t seen it yet, but I hope to soon so I can see which parts of Hawaii I recognize myself! That’s one of the fun things about living on Oahu…all of the movies filmed here and being able to recognize places when we watch TV!

This past week, I co-lead a group of moms and kids on the Judd Trail leading to the Ginger Pools. This trail is in Nuuanu Valley, just off Oahu’s famed Pali Highway. At just a little over 1 mile, it is a great trail with so much beauty to enjoy! Be sure to watch for the trail ribbons and stay on the paths. This is a loop trail and we chose to start with the longer way to the pools which took about 1.5 hours (keep in mind, we had 3-5 year olds walking).

You begin with a stream crossing. I always suggest you avoid skipping along the rocks and just walk in the water. I’ve seen so many people try to avoid getting wet by walking on the rocks. They can be very slippery and it’s much safer to just walk in the water. I’ve invested in water hiking shoes for the kids and I which have been worth the investment for as much as we hike!

Along the way to the pools, you will see a variety of  trees. My favorite were these Captain Cook Pines. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of them! I felt like I stepped out of Hawaii and landed in the Pacific North West (Washington state particularly).

FullSizeRender 131


I got a kick out of this mossy covered log. Do you see a face? Made me think of a gnome!

FullSizeRender 132.jpg

I really liked the red tint to this bark…possibly from the fresh rain?!?!?

FullSizeRender 133

We stopped at the Ginger Pools which is one of my favorite swimming spots on the island! There were some brave kids there jumping off the rocks. The kids and I all had a good time watching them make huge splash landings!

FullSizeRender 130.jpg

After we enjoyed a snack and a little water time, we took the rest of the loop which was a short 30 minute trek back to the trail head.

It was nice to get out and  enjoy the fresh air with my ladybug and our friends! I can’t wait to hit the trails again this weekend! If you are ever on Oahu, this would be a trail I highly recommend for almost all hiking levels!

Parmesan Judd Trail to Ginger Pools

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  1. I want to swim in that wonderful pool! We have so very clear deep pools in which I have swam – but so cold! I like to dive down with googles – but get “brain freeze” I’ve never been to Hawaii, my wife wnet once as girl. However, since one of son-in-laws is a pilot/captain – we can now fly for cheap – so we may be asking for some sage advice from you …

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