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Sick Day Snuggles

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We are lucky in that it is pretty rare for one of us to get sick in our house. I can count on one hand the amount of times we’ve had the flu over the history of our family (9 years). I call that pretty lucky.

However, when it DOES happen, I’m rarely prepared since it happens so rarely.

My little man has been sick with a fever and stuffy/runny nose the past few days. He didn’t have much of an appetite during our “staycation” this weekend (God knows, I ate enough for both of us!) So, I wasn’t surprised to get a phone call from the school nurse saying he needed picked up from school early.

I may not know the best medicines to give him without doing a little research. I may have to read the directions on the thermometer before each use. But, one thing I do know how to do, is give extra mommy snuggles and kisses.

FullSizeRender 141.jpg

Even at 7 years old, my baby still finds comfort in his momma.

It makes my heart so happy to know he still wants to cuddle with me. He is so sweet, it isn’t something that only happens when he is sick-he’s always a snuggle bug. But, when he’s not feeling 100%, the snuggles are even better.

I put my “to do” list on hold and focused on comforting my little man instead. I needed to be extra patient. I had to accept that plans were going to change. I needed to be selfless and care to my little man instead.

I can do those things tomorrow. Today, was set aside for sick day snuggles.

I was also reminded by my little Lady Bug that SHE needed snuggles too.

She drew me this picture:

FullSizeRender 142.jpg

It is of me snuggling in the chair with BOTH kids instead of just the sick one. It’s not her best drawing, but she sure cracks me up!

We spent the day snuggled up together and watching a few episodes of Pokemon (surprise, surprise!)

Sometimes…momma is the best medicine you can ask for.

I feel so blessed to be his momma in sickness and in health.

Sick Day Snuggles.png

With Aloha,


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4 thoughts on “Sick Day Snuggles

  1. I agree mommy’s snuggles are the best medicine for the heart. Our little ones get over sickness a little easier when they know we are right there to keep them safe and chase the sickness away. I nominated you for the sunshine award on my blog ..keep up the good work you awesome mommy you.

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