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Setting Free the “Better Mom” Inside Me: and Discovering She Has Been There All Along…

There are different seasons we go through in life. Seasons where we are so busy and stressed it feels as if our car is a merely a taxi cab with a locker storage unit in the back donning football cleats, crayons, shoes, hula skirts, library books and random granola bar wrappers (because face it-those are… Continue reading Setting Free the “Better Mom” Inside Me: and Discovering She Has Been There All Along…

Family/Motherhood/Military Life

Blessings of a Modern Housewife

Do you ever just sit back and appreciate how good we have it? I’m sitting here working on a project for my kids' class Christmas party coming up 🎄🎅. At the same time, my coffee maker is cleaning itself ☕️. I have a load of laundry washing itself and another drying itself. The floors are… Continue reading Blessings of a Modern Housewife

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Being a Brave Mom in the Midst of Crisis

Living in Hawaii has been such a blessing! The constant sunny days, the beautiful beaches, the turquoise water, the smells of plumeria and coconuts filling the air...what could be better, right? It might sound like a dream-and some days, it really is. However, even paradise has its downsides. Volcanos erupting, a ballistic missile warning, hurricanes, tropical storms,… Continue reading Being a Brave Mom in the Midst of Crisis

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Running Made Me a Better Mom

Tonight...I ran! If you know me, I am not a all! In fact, I despise it! My husband is the runner in the family. Even when he's deployed on his submarine, he's always trying to fit in time for a treadmill run. It's pretty crazy how they cram a treadmill onto a submarine (just… Continue reading Running Made Me a Better Mom

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When God Needs Your Attention at 5am

My sweet blogging friends at A Fractured Faith wrote about "why do you get out of bed in the morning?" To quote them, "Some mornings both the flesh and the spirit are unwilling when it comes to rising and facing the daily grind. " This had me cracking up! It's soooooo true! I am one… Continue reading When God Needs Your Attention at 5am

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Sand (Photo Challenge)

Photo Challenge Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge: Sand The best way to end a busy day... is at the beach surrounded by sand, surf and sunshine! **Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@theadventuresofabusymom) to see more of my day to day adventures! With Aloha, Lacy Featured Blog Posts: Is It Possible to be a… Continue reading Sand (Photo Challenge)