God’s View of Me

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This morning I was reading my bible when I realized how the more I “get to know” God and the deeper I grow in my faith, I feel more energized.

I feel like, when I put my trust in Him, I can set my worries aside and not dwell on them. This makes my day feel “lighter” because I have less weight on my shoulders.

I’m able to focus better because I don’t have so many unnecessary worries crowding my brain.

I FEEL so different.

It makes me wonder if God can see the difference in me???

How Does.png

This change in a person’s life isn’t something we can physically see.

It’s not like losing 50 lbs or getting a new hair cut. The changes I experience when my faith grows deeper is beyond superficial. For example, it’s not the weight loss or the hair cut itself I am feeling (not the physical changes) but rather, the feeling of confidence (emotional changes) that results from these things.

When God looks at me, I know He sees me as His child. I know He sees me as a Christian.

But, how does He see me…the real me…deep inside?

He knows my thoughts. He knows my feelings and emotions.

Does He see my thoughts changing for the better?

Am I truly less judgmental?

Am I really trusting Him as much as I think I am? Or, are there still areas I think I can control better on my own?

Does He see my heart growing for those I pass by on the streets but don’t even know?

I want to see with God’s eyes…am I there yet?

I believe God knows the intentions of my heart. He knows when my thoughts are pure and when they aren’t.

It’s in these moments where I am reading His word and getting to “know” Him more, that I feel like I can speak my heart to Him. I can simply ask Him…”how am I doing God?” 

It’s amazing how I can speak openly to Him-God!

He cares enough about little ol me to listen to my prayers. If I listen openly, I can hear Him telling me the areas I need to work on. He encourages me to be more like Him and it’s something I strive for each and every day. We have a relationship which is more than just a religion to me.

My blogging friend, James Clark, has a great series he’s written about having a Relationship with God and not just a Religion. I would encourage you to check it out: His Knock Knock is No Joke

Friends, I can’t stress enough the importance of prioritizing some time with Him.

Not just on Sunday’s during church service. But rather, EVERY DAY!

When I first met my husband, he started going to church with me on Sunday’s. I’ll never forget his excitement as he spoke to his friends about it. I remember him saying, “it’s like going to a motivational speaker each Sunday!”

Imagine if you could have that “motivational speaker” every day!!?!? You can! Read your bible. Start a devotional. Pray!

When I don’t bible journal, I use a “Life Journal” for my devotions. It helps me stay focused on what I’m reading and not let my mind drift off onto other things.

I use the SOAP method. S-Scripture (the main bible verse) O-Observation (what stood out to me) A-Application (how can I apply this to MY life?) P-Prayer (I don’t usually write out my prayer. But, I do always end in prayer).

Here’s an example of a page of my Life Journal from

the story of Daniel and the Lions Den:

FullSizeRender 146.jpg

I don’t do this EVERY DAY. Some days, I will just read my bible and “SOAP” in my head. But, I do feel a difference on the days when I do physically write it out.

And, if I’m honest, some mornings I am rushed and am lucky to just get a prayer in and not a devotion. The main thing, is to start each day with Him-whether it’s bible journaling, devotions or just a simple prayer. The more you do this, the more your relationship with God will grow. It starts with prayer and will circle around to a life change.


The changes inside will start to reflect outwardly in a way others will notice too. I want people to say, “wow! You are always so happy. How do you stay so positive?” “You seem different lately. How did you do it?” etc. When those kind of comments are made, I’ll know that I am living my life more christ-like and that even those around me can see it! I want to reflect Him like this each day!

How do YOU spend time with God?

How do you think He sees you?

Are you where you want to be with your faith?


With Aloha,


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2 thoughts on “God’s View of Me

  1. Wow. Thanks for being so open and honest. Some really profound observations here, Lacy.

    I like your SOAP method. In all my years in the church, I’ve never heard of that one. It’s cool. It sounds so… cleansing… so purifying… so… restorative to intended beauty!

    And thanks for the shout-out!

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