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The Most Important Traits to Teach Your Kids

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If you could teach your kids one trait, what would it be?

What values do you hope to instill in them?

My son’s school just started a program called The Six Pillars.

The Six Pillars is a school-wide character education program that teaches students the importance of character, and also recognizes students displaying outstanding character in a variety of ways.

The six pillars are: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship.


If you ask me, those are some amazing qualities for us to focus on teaching our kids.


Being someone of integrity and trustworthy is so important. I read the Bible story recently about Daniel and the lion’s den. If you aren’t familiar with this story, it tells of how Daniel had such great integrity, these men that were jealous of him couldn’t find anything to accuse him of which would send him to battle the lions. I want to teach my kids to have integrity like Daniel!


This has been a big one in our family lately. I’ve been watching a TV show which has teenage children in it. Seeing how they disrespect their parents has made me really emphasise to my kids the importance and value of having respect for other people. I don’t like to feel disrespected and I know my kids don’t either. Having respect for one another is a BIG RULE in our house.


It’s never too early or too late to teach our kids about responsibility. Giving them tasks that they are responsible for gives them a sense of belonging and an opportunity to gain confidence in themselves. In one of my very first blog posts, I speak more about this: Raising Steak Cutters


To me, I interpret this as treating others how you want to be treated. We all know that life in general isn’t “fair.” However, if we teach our kids to treat their friends in a way that they themselves would like to be treated, I bet they will be treating them more fairly.  They will take turns, share and be willing to listen to others. By teaching this life skill to our kids, we are setting them up for healthier relationships in and out of school.


Being a caring person is something I think most of us strive for in life. A caring person is kind, helpful and the type of person who isn’t afraid to say thank you or apologize when it’s appropriate. Caring people compliment others and sincerely hopes the best for everyone. I talk more about the importance of compliments in my post: A Simple Compliment Goes A Long Way


A good citizen is someone who is involved in their community. They strive to give back by respecting laws and authority as well as by volunteering. I think it’s important to teach our kids about the world around them. Getting them involved in their community allows them to see the world in a different light and gives them the chance to learn about  different lifestyles, cultures and beliefs which leads to them being well rounded and more likely to accept differences.

This quarter, the school focused on Trustworthiness and Respect.

My son was selected from his class for the Trustworthiness Award.


I’m so very proud of him!

It’s reassuring to know that what I’m trying so hard to teach him at home is becoming part of HIS OWN character. He is known for being trustworthy and that just makes my heart jump for joy!

I’ve decided I want to implement these Six Pillars as a foundation for my home too-not just something for the kids at school.

I think possessing these traits can make a big impact on our world. It’s my job as their parent to teach them these things and I’m so honored to have that opportunity!

Of the Six Pillars, which do YOU feel is the most valuable? Do you agree with these pillars? Would you have chosen different pillars? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

The Most Important Traits to Teach Your Kids

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9 thoughts on “The Most Important Traits to Teach Your Kids

  1. They are all equally important but if I had to choose one then I’d say respect. My son is learning that through his rugby. The boys are taught to call the referee ‘sir’ and always accept his decision even if they don’t agree with it. Great piece of writing Lacy.

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    1. I love that! I was just telling my daughter (who is in basketball for the first time and not totally loving it) that you can learn so much more from being on a team than just the fundamentals of the sport. You really DO learn respect, responsibility etc. I think appreciation is another good one. I always have them say “thank you coach” after each game/practice. Thank you for pointing that out.


    1. They have done “Student of the Quarter” and “Habits of mind” previously. He has been chosen for both it those as well. (And I’m equally proud of that!) I am just really impressed with this new program. Teaching them all at a young age to value these traits is what our society needs! I hope they keep this program and that other schools jump on board with it as well!

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