Hiking Ka’Iwi Scenic Shoreline & Pele’s Chair: Exploring the Throne of a Fire Goddess

Trekking Thursday

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We started off our week with a nice short hike along the Ka’Iwi Scenic Shoreline on the Island of Oahu, HI. It’s a simple hike which is more like a nature walk with a nice view of Koko Crater, Makapu’u and of course, the shoreline.

You park in the same parking lot you do for the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail.

Here is my post about that hike and the fun adventures we had finding different bunkers/pill boxes: The Makapu’u Lighthouse Pillbox Hike

Keep in mind, the Makapu’u trail is paved, this trail is not. From the trailhead, you will see a path that veers off to the right of the paved path. This is where you will want to begin.

FullSizeRender 186.jpg

It’s a very easy, flat trail to follow. You’ll walk along for about 10 minutes until you reach a welcoming little area called Alan Davis Beach. This is a wonderful place to relax and let your kids swim and play.

FullSizeRender 180.jpg

From the beach area, we usually like to continue off to the right along the coast line for a while. It’s so relaxing to watch the waves crashing up on the shore.

On a clear day, you can even get a glimpse of some of the other Hawaiian Islands: Molokai, Lanai and Maui!

On this particular day, we were surprised to find a marriage proposal written in lava rocks on the sand!

FullSizeRender 182.jpg

Eventually, you will reach another nice area for swimming (depending on the tide).

From here, I like to turn around and head back to the beach to climb up to Pele’s Chair.

Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and volcanoes. She holds a very prevalent part of Hawaiian mythology and culture. The volcanic rock formation called Pele’s Chair is perched overlooking Alan Davis Beach. It is thought to be where Pele sat and viewed the ocean before she left Oahu and headed to the Big Island.

FullSizeRender 183.jpg
View of Pele’s Chair gazing out to the ocean
FullSizeRender 185.jpg
Pele’s Chair

The view from up there was pretty surreal…

FullSizeRender 181.jpg
View from Pele’s Chair of the Ka’Iwi Scenic Shoreline
FullSizeRender 184.jpg
View from Pele’s Chair of Alan Davis Beach

This is also a popular spot to “rock jump.” There used to be a cool plank to jump off of. But, it’s been removed. Last time we went, I made it about half way up the rock and jumped in. This was thrilling enough for me! ha

This week when we went, it was overcast and it just started to rain as we were leaving. It was a perfect morning out. I was grateful for the outdoor time because the rain continued on throughout the rest of the day!

So, the next time you head to the famous Makapu’u LIghthouse Trail, I encourage you to make this stop. You won’t regret it!

Hiking Ka'Iwi Scenic Shoreline & Pele's Chair_

With Aloha,



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    1. Yes. It’s not forever. So, each day here is a blessing. I try to get out and enjoy it as much as I can! It’s like we were saying the other day, being outside and surrounding myself in this paradise puts life into perspective and reminds me how incredible our God is!!!

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