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From Baby Sock to Evening Wear: How This Mom Beat the Barbie Project Runway

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From Baby Sock to Eveningwear

We all know how quickly our little girls grow up!

One minute they are snuggled up in onesie pajamas and the next minute, they are asking you for a swimsuit that “shows my tummy.” Really?!?! Okay, that’s besides the point!

I remember when my ladybug was just growing out of her tiny little baby socks. You know the ones-they have the little “grippers” on the bottom (as if a 3 month old is going to be needing some traction when all they do is sleep.) They were just so cute though. I couldn’t help but keep a few of them even though she had out grown them. Why, you ask? I have no clue. Sentimental maybe? Who knows. But, it did come in handy when she started playing Barbies!

Wait-how do baby socks and Barbies even remotely relate to one another?

Well, stay with me here… I think all girls go through this phase of playing Barbies where all we want to do is change the clothes and try new outfits on them.

There’s no harm in letting these little mini-fashionistas dress their Barbies! The problem comes when they physically CAN’T dress the Barbie by themselves. This fun task of Barbie Project Runway now becomes less about elegance and more of a game of “lets see how many times I can get mom to change Barbies evening wear before she looses it!” ha! #beentheredonethat! We all know that stiff armed Barbie is about as easy to dress as a toddler throwing a fit!

I decided one day it was time to stop the madness before I did loose it! I think I saw this idea on Pinterest…I mean, Pinterest is like the Bible for creative ideas, right?!?!? I saw this idea to use baby socks for Barbie clothes!


I mean, who doesn’t atleast have some mis-matched baby socks (if you have babies obviously!) It was one of those moments when I knew EXACTLY where I had those little socks I had been hoarding and I proudly dug them out.

I grabbed the scissors and had a little bit of my OWN Barbie Project Runway!

A snip here and a snip there and BAM!

Barbie clothes that was easy for HER to put on and off on her own.


Don’t you just love how those ridiculous sock “grippers” now have a legit purpose? Look at those cute little flowers they turned into on Belle’s jumper!

And, just check out that jaw dropping pencil skirt Ariel is modeling! Watch out LuLaRoe! Sock dresses may just be the new hot thing! hehe

It’s a simple, easy solution and replacement for those impossibly hard to use Barbie outfits.

These are stretchy so they are easier for Ladybug’s little hands to put on and off by herself!

Best of all…they are free! Because, who needs to spend a ton of money on Barbie clothes when they move on to the next toy so quickly.

Ladybug recently decided to get rid of her Barbie house and all of her Barbies. It broke my heart 😦 But, each kid gravitates to different things. I was a HUGE Barbie girl…she isn’t. That’s fine. But, all the more reason why I’m glad I found this cheap method for making Barbie clothes!

Go ahead, dig out your Barbies and have a little fashion show. If you want to try this but you don’t have the baby socks, check out the Dollar Tree-you can buy them there for $1! That’s 2 outfits for $1! Talk about a win!

Spend more time PLAYING and less time FIGHTING WITH THE CLOTHES!

From Baby Sock to Eveningwear

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