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Teeth Like a Quill: A Recap of a Dog Attack

Family Friday Quill Today's post is going to be a bit somber...not my usual chipper, happy self. But, when I sat down to write about family today for Family Friday....THIS is the reality of what my family has been faced with this week. I don't know if this is even "blog worthy." But, I feel… Continue reading Teeth Like a Quill: A Recap of a Dog Attack

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A Furry Little Passenger

Passenger Always by my side through thick or thin Resting in my bag, you ride within Hair pulled up in a playful little bow You always tend to steal the show Hi friends! I wanted to share my little fur ball with you today. This is my little Lexi aka Lexi Babies, Lexi Lou, Lexi… Continue reading A Furry Little Passenger