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Benefits of Family Game Night

Family Friday Create If you've been following me, you know I've been in a process of decluttering and getting rid of stuff like crazy. One of the areas I sorted through was our game closet. The kids had out grown some of our games and we decided to get rid of some so we can… Continue reading Benefits of Family Game Night

Healthy Living


Today, I decided to Polish up a post I had written on a family blog I wrote years ago. I hope you enjoy 🙂  Well-Being Wednesday Calling all pickers! Calling all pickers! We have been cooped up at home long enough! Today, Momma Bear decided it was time to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy… Continue reading Blueberries!


Hiking Kuliouou Ridge…with Kids

Trekking Thursday: My husband had a 3 day weekend which is extremely rare for our family. So, when we woke up and he said he wanted to go on a family hike I was SO excited! I could see from my hiking friends' posts that it was an unusually clear day and I just couldn't wait… Continue reading Hiking Kuliouou Ridge…with Kids