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Today, I decided to Polish up a post I had written on a family blog I wrote years ago. I hope you enjoy 🙂

 Well-Being Wednesday


Calling all pickers! Calling all pickers!

We have been cooped up at home long enough! Today, Momma Bear decided it was time to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy some sunshine!

Okay, to be honest, I found some great blueberry recipes on Pinterest and lacked the blueberries to go with it. I remembered driving past a U-pick blueberry farm not far from our house and thought it was the perfect place to pick some blueberries.

One problem….where could I find some cheap labor at such short notice?

Just then, I hear a scream from the other room as my son (Dino) took the iPad away from daughter (Ladybug). You would’a sworn she had just broken a bone from the murderous screams she was making…viola-PROBLEM SOLVED!

What better way to get blue berries than to hire some cheap labor (aka the kiddos and hubby) to do the work picking berries! I decided to make a game of it and convince them that picking blueberries in the sweltering Florida summer heat was the most adventurous thing we could possibly do on that Sunday morning. Haha-I’m evil, I know!

We each set out with our buckets to see WHO CAN PICK THE MOST BERRIES before we melted! Dino decided we should be on teams-sounds good to me! It was easy to decide on teams-our teenager was the master picker (must be from all that nose picking-haha, If you’re reading this…sorry Buddy! I couldn’t resist a wise crack remark!). So, he was on his own team.

Luckily, Dino wanted to be on my team which left Daddy-O and the youngest one, Ladybug, on a team. Dino kept taking their berries and putting them in my bucket (I had to act appalled like it was cheating but my competitive spirit was secretly okay with it b/c we were winning, ha).

Ladybug kept spilling their bucket and eating all of the berries and Buddy…well, like I said-MASTER PICKER! He was a CHAMP! You could tell it wasn’t that southern boys’ first time in the field!


But, along with all perfect family outings, comes the 4 most dreaded words a mom can hear when they are out in public-“MOM, I GOTTA PEE!” Daddy-O walks Dino over to the trees and let’s him make a “waterfall” which he thought was great!

When the boys come back, he tells me how daddy and Buddy thought it was a great opportunity to explain to him why you should never pee on an electric fence-thanks for that visual, Steven and Buddy. Boys-I tell ya.

Way to change the learning experience from, “look at how God gave us these beautiful blueberry bushes” to “don’t EVER pee on an electric fence-EVER!”

All in all, it was a great morning and we picked 7lbs of berries before Buddy and Steven got attacked by ants and we had to leave.


We are set to be eating blueberry pancakes, blueberry banana bread, yogurt covered blueberries, blueberry muffins, blueberry-well, you get the idea! We will be full of antioxidants!

Speaking of which…did you know how healthy blueberries are?

Here are a few health benefits of blueberries:

  1. Blueberries are Low in Calories, But High in Nutrients
  2. Blueberries are the King of Antioxidant Foods
  3. Blueberries Reduce DNA Damage, Which May Help Protect Against Ageing and Cancer
  4. Blueberries Protect Cholesterol in The Blood From Becoming Damaged
  5. Blueberries May Lower Blood Pressure
  6. Blueberries May Help Prevent Heart Disease
  7. Blueberries Can Help Maintain Brain Function and Improve Memory
  8. Anthocyanins in Blueberries Can Have Anti-Diabetic Effects
  9. Substances in Them May Help Fight Urinary Tract Infections
  10. Blueberries May Help Reduce Muscle Damage After Strenuous Exercise

Here is a link to some more information on the advantages of eating blueberries. 10 Proven Health Benefits of Blueberries

Remember, when we put good food in our refrigerators, we eat good foods!

It’s time to clear those pantry’s out for summer and make room for a new, healthier you this summer!


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