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Progressive Family Dinner

Are you looking for a fun alternative to your family dinner time? I know we tend to get into our routine which can get boring after a while. Well, here is a fun idea we did recently: Progressive Family Dinner!The idea behind this, is that we got to enjoy our favorite foods but at different… Continue reading Progressive Family Dinner

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What Being a Military Family Taught Me About the Holidays

Family Friday My husband missed our sons Birthday. He didn't get to see the kids in their Halloween costumes this year. He missed Thanksgiving. He will miss seeing the sparkleĀ of our lights and their excited glowing faces on Christmas morning. We will ring in the New Year without him. The list goes on and on....special… Continue reading What Being a Military Family Taught Me About the Holidays

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Loss: A Tribute to My Father In-Law

Loss Loss I've been pretty blessed in my life. I have lived a life full of love and yet, I've never really experienced loss up until this point. My wonderful Father-in-Law went home to Jesus yesterday after an 18 month battle with Lung Cancer. It's still hard for me to say those words. It's hard… Continue reading Loss: A Tribute to My Father In-Law

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How I Use The Power of Music to Maintain A Happy Home

Family Friday Music... Driving from our house to Waikiki today, the radio turns on to the mashup of 10,000 Reasons//What a Beautiful Name. Instantly, my kids (5 & 7) start singing along. It was so sweet to hear their little voices singing along word for word. I couldn't help but smile as I watched them… Continue reading How I Use The Power of Music to Maintain A Happy Home

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Paused: Taking Time to Recharge

Hey friends! Sorry I have been a little non-existent lately! I have family visiting us from the mainland. I can't wait to share with you soon some of what we have been doing while they are visiting. We definitely are keeping the adventurous lifestyle going. We rented a beach house on the North Shore of… Continue reading Paused: Taking Time to Recharge