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My United Step-Family: How We Spend the Holidays Together as One Family

Well, friends. We are enjoying a snow day this New Years Eve.

The windchill where we are visiting in Nebraska is a rare -29 degrees right now. (Yes! There is a negative sign before that 29!) As you can guess, this Hawaiian girl is fa-reezing!

Even in the cold, I’m so glad we can celebrate the ending of a year and the beginning of another with a cozy night in with my family. My dad, step-mom, brother, and sister will be arriving at my mom and step-dads soon to join, my sister, my kids, and I. We will spend the evening playing games and eating chili and cinnamon rolls all together.


My family amazes me.

The fact that we can ALL get together even though we are a “divorced family” speaks so much of the love my parents (and step-parents) have for us “kids.”

They have never let their differences and reasons for divorce come in between our relationship as a family. In fact, my parents’ divorce ultimately just grew our family rather than divide it. We’ve always come together as one big family and I am so grateful for that.

I grew up with us attending church together and celebrating holidays together. Even to this day, my mom will pick up my dad’s kids from school whenever she is needed. It’s never been awkward or uncomfortable. In fact, we just spent a few days around Christmas staying up at my dad’s cabin together.

One of my favorite pictures is actually from when we spent some time on Fathers Day at the cabin. My dad and my step-dad were working on my car together to make sure it was safe for the kids and I to drive back to Florida before our move to Hawaii.

I can’t help but feel so blessed whenever I look back at that moment. I know our situation is rather unique. Not too many step-families can say they spend so much time together (and actually enjoy it!)

I realize this is pretty special.

In anticipation of the new year, New Year’s Eve is finally here! As we gather tonight and we are all thinking about our goals for this upcoming year, I also want to be mindful of my parents and the choices they made 18 years ago to keep us all one family. They buried any pride they may have had and put the needs of my sister and I before their own. They confide in one another and are sincere friends rather than foes. My 4 parents are such a great example of selfless love. They constantly remind me by their actions what is important in life…family.

I encourage you to remember as you set your New Years goals,

to take a moment to count your blessings.

They may be simple. They may even be extravagant. Perhaps, they are even a combination of the two. Either way, I think it helps in moving forward into the new year. I know it keeps me grounded. It keeps my heart focused. And, ultimately, its such a great way to give thanks to God for all He’s provided us with over the year.

I’d love to hear what’s on your New Years resolution list this year!

What are you most thankful for this past year?

With Aloha,



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11 thoughts on “My United Step-Family: How We Spend the Holidays Together as One Family

  1. This is a great story. I gave an aunt & uncle that tried to do some events together as well for the kids. It’s so great to see. This study will be great to add to my list for couples I counsel(legally speaking) going through a divorce.

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    1. My parents are definitely a good example when it comes to co-parenting. I can say from personal experience that growing up with parents and step parents that got along well made growing up with divorced parents much easier. I’m so grateful for that. I think it says a lot about them that they can do it so well! I hope this can be a good example for your couples going through divorce.

      Liked by 1 person

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