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Easiest Chalkboard Sign Ever (DIY)

Make it MondayI love to be inspired!So many of you blogger friends inspire and motivate me every day with your amazing posts. You also inspire me with your supportive "following." You may not even realize it, but just reading my blog and showing me that my voice can impact others gives me such a sense of… Continue reading Easiest Chalkboard Sign Ever (DIY)

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Simple DIY Wall Sign

Best of all, when I look at this little creation, I think of that summer I was able to spend out yard sale shopping with my mom. With her living in Nebraska, and me living in Hawaii, those moments are special because they don't happen very often!

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DIY Bathroom Shelf Re-do

Make it Monday Dash Do you ever find yourself holding on to a piece of furniture but you don't really know why? Maybe it was expensive and you don't want to just toss it. Maybe it has sentimental value-it was the first thing you bought as a married couple. For me, that piece was the… Continue reading DIY Bathroom Shelf Re-do