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Simple DIY Wall Sign

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I found this little metal wall plaque while I was visiting Nebraska while my mom and I were out shopping yard sales.Β However, it was a little small so I didn’t quite know what I was going to do with it! So, once I got home, it got put into my decoration storage bin.

Later on, during my “minimalism” purge, I rediscovered it.Β I still liked it and knew it wasn’t doing any good sitting it a plastic tub in the garage.

It was time to put my creative thinking cap on!

If this item was important enough for me to keep, I needed to put it to use. Otherwise, it was headed to the donation bin.

As I was digging and sorting through the decoration storage containers, I also found a nice little frame that I had picked up. It was just the frame-no glass, no center cardboard piece. I decided to combine the frame and the little metal plaque to make something useful out of them.

I found a piece of cardboard (left over piece from our recycle bin). I grabbed a piece of burlap and wrapped it around the cardboard piece like you would a present and secured it with some tape/glue.

Next, I used a staple gun to attach a shoe string to the back for hanging and then stapled this piece to the frame piece.

Next, I took a stick pin from the kids’ cork bard and pushed it into the cardboard to hang the little plaque.

When I say, this piece is rigged to work, it really is! I laugh when I look at the back of it at how creative I had to get to make this work! But, it was quite simple really.

And, look how pretty it looks from the front (the view that matters.)

simple DIY wall sign

Best of all, when I look at this little creation, I think of that summer I was able to spend out yard sale shopping with my mom. With her living in Nebraska, and me living in Hawaii, those moments are special because they don’t happen very often!

And, to use a bit of the sign for my quote, it gives me a “happy heart.”

This is the ultimate goal of minimalism: keep things that spark joy. This simple little sign, definitely does that for me!

Simple DIY Wall Sign

With Aloha,


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6 thoughts on “Simple DIY Wall Sign

  1. OMG! What an amazing talent you have to turn little things into big meaningful things! Very creative & I love it!! Maybe someday I can retire & do some fun things you have show on your blog! πŸ€—πŸ€—

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