Koko Head Rim Trail

Trekking Thursday The Koko Head Rim Trail is one of THE BEST VIEWS I have found on my hiking adventures! This 3.6 mile trail is oftentimes confused with the famous Koko Crater Trail which you can read about here: 1,048 Stairs of DOOM…with kids. Koko Head RIM is the volcanic rim located right NEXT to Koko… Continue reading Koko Head Rim Trail


Tom Tom Trail Hike With My Taco Hikers

; I have hiked SEVERAL of the trails on Oahu, HI and I must say, this one has some of the best views I have ever seen! You get an AMAZING view of Sea Life Park, Makapu'u Lighthouse, Sea Life Park, Kokohead Crater and she shoreline below. If you want a hike to show you… Continue reading Tom Tom Trail Hike With My Taco Hikers


1,048 Stairs of DOOM…with kids

Koko Crater Railway Hike aka Stairs of Doom If someone challenged you to climb 1,048 steps made out of railway ties in the excruciating heat of Hawaii with no shade, what would be your response?  What if this little excursion required climbing these stairs up to 1208' in elevation? What if I told you this railway which… Continue reading 1,048 Stairs of DOOM…with kids