Koko Head Rim Trail

Trekking Thursday

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The Koko Head Rim Trail is one of THE BEST VIEWS I have found on my hiking adventures! This 3.6 mile trail is oftentimes confused with the famous Koko Crater Trail which you can read about here: 1,048 Stairs of DOOM…with kids.

koko crater rim 4

Koko Head RIM is the volcanic rim located right NEXT to Koko CRATER. Koko Crater is the hike with the railway tiles leading to the top. Koko Head is the tuff cone on the makai (ocean) side which surrounds the famous snorkeling spot, Hanauma Bay-which is one of my favorite spots on Oahu!

You will begin at the bus stop outside of the entrance to Hanauma Bay. Take the VERY STEEP paved path that will lead you up to the top of the rim’s highest point. From this point on, you will be trekking along some rough terrain.

Overall, this trail is a rough, un-maintained trail which includes a steep and narrow ridgeline with quite a bit of scrambling.

koko crater rim 1

koko crater rim 5

I was huffing and puffing most of the way. I still can’t believe how well my littles did! They are champs for sure! I would not suggest this hike for most kids unless they are pretty experienced hikers. Even then-use your best judgement and keep their skill and hiking experience in mind when deciding whether or not to have kids join you.
This hike has ZERO SHELTER from the sun. It gets very hot. Be sure to pack PLENTY of water to stay hydrated-more than you think you will need. And, as always, use plenty of sunscreen and plan on reapplying on the trail. Even with these conditions, I found the view made the hike worth it!

I just couldn’t get over the 360 degree view the ENTIRE TIME! It was incredible!

koko crater rim 3

This will go down as one of my favorite hikes on the island.

A perfect day spent with my family 🙂

koko crater rim 2
Koko Head Rim Trail
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